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How to Convert XLS File to HTML Format?

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Published On November 17th, 2023
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Summary: In today’s informative guide, you will learn how to easily convert XLS file to HTML format.

Due to personal and professional requirements, users now have to transfer contacts from one format to another. We are processing an Excel user query. During our research, we found that some users need to be able to save XLS worksheets in HTML format.

It can be seen that it is now the era of coding, and everyone understands the coding language. The most used language here is HTML, and its full name is Hypertext Markup Language. What is HTML and how to convert XLS to HTML? We’ll look at this in more detail, before the user query arrives, let’s see.

User Query: Hi! I have a lot of XLS files and I want to convert them to HTML format. I also tried some solutions online but it takes a lot of time to complete the task. It is also not safe as it also leads to data loss. So, is there any professional solution that can be used to perform the task of converting XLS contacts to HTML? Please recommend. Thanks in advance! !

What is HTML File?

HTML is a file that implements the HTML programming language. This is a typical file format used for web development. This is also Outlook’s default email format. HTML is one of the best formats for creating typical documents with different fonts, colors, and ordered and unordered lists. This is also useful if you want to have a lot of photos in your inbox.

Reasons Why Users Need to Convert XLS File to HTML?

  • HTML offers the best search engine optimization.
  • Less time is required to download HTML.
  • When used in HTML, content can be quickly and easily modified as needed.
  • Viewing HTML content does not require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or any other software.
  • In addition, this format provides enhanced content security for remote access from devices that provide Internet access.

Direct Solution to Export XLS Contacts to HTML

Many users need the best and professional solution for this task. Excel Converter Tool is the best application for both professional and non-professional users. Users can easily perform tasks with this application.

For Windows

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For Mac OS

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Also, with this application you can convert Excel files to PDF, MSG, TXT and other formats without file size limitation. This is because the method does not change the quality and keeps them as they were before conversion.

The best part is that users can also use a free demo version of this tool. But users can only convert 10 Excel XLS files. To export more items, purchase a license version of this program.

Working Steps to Convert XLS File to HTML Format

Let’s take a look at the working process of this tool for the betterment of our users.

  • After Downloading the application, run it
  • click on the Browse tab add multiple Excel XLS contacts file

Browse XLS File

  • Click the HTML radio button to select HTML format

Click on HTML

  • To create a single HTML file, select the “Create a single HTML file for all contactsoption under Application Settings

Create Single HTML

  • Click the Change button to provide a destination path to save the generated HTML

Select destination

  • Select Excel Fields and Export Field File from the mapping window to map Excel file fields and click the Add button to add fields

Select Excel Fields and Export Field

  • Click Export to Start Conversion Process.

click on Export tab

Time to Wrap Up 

In the above blog, we have mentioned the best way to convert XLS file to HTML format. Users who have difficulty in performing this task can use this article to solve it. The professional solutions mentioned above are the best for our technical and non-technical users. We hope this blog post helps you with your task. Users can also contact our live support team for any issues. They are available 24*7.