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How to Extract Zip Error Path Too Long- Free Solution

zip error path too long

To protect important data and for fear of losing it, we all take backups. But sometimes, when you try to extract it, you might see the error message “extract Zip error Path too long” on the screen.  So if you are also one of those people who are looking for a solution to this problem. Just read the full article to understand how to safely fix extracting zip error path files. But before going further, go to the user query mentioned below. Let’s start:

User Query
I tried to extract this folder from server but I can’t unzip it because it says “.zip error path is too long” I tried a lot but I couldn’t do it. Can someone suggest how to fix this problem?

What Causes the Extract Zip File Error?

The error of extracting a long zip file is due to many reasons. Now let’s have a look.

  • The path to a file longer than 260 characters – the Windows 32 API library cannot support files longer than 260 characters.
  • Bad or unsuccessful software installation can lead to wrong entries in Windows systems.
  • Malware or virus attack.
  • Incorrect system shutdown due to power failure.
  • Accidentally deleting a required file or system record.

Method To Fix “Extract Zip Error Path Too Long” Error

We are talking about how to resolve an error where the file path is too long to copy. It certainly helps solve this problem. Below are all the methods you can use.

1. Shorten File Name

This file path is too long. Obviously, if you get a Windows 10 error, you need to rename the file. Rename the file to a shorter name. Due to Windows privacy policy and the NTFS file system, files cannot be given long names. Therefore, if you keep the file name short, you will not see this error.

Method 1: Extract the ZIP File to the Root Folder.

  • First, rename the file to a shorter version. This reduces the names of the files in the parent directory.
  • Copy the file and move it to folder C : The idea is to extract the files to the root folder to reduce the path size.
  • Then extract the zip file to a new location.

Alternative Solution to Fix Extract Zip Error Path Too Long Error

Many users encounter some errors while using zip files on their system like the file name is too long, the file is write-protected, the file is corrupted and many other error messages. SysTools ZIP Recovery is an excellent utility that helps you to fix all these errors with an easy and simple procedure. It is an advanced built-in repair utility to repair RAR files damaged due to virus infection, CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression, power failure, etc. Users can download the free version of the software and use this tool to fix zip extract path too long error


  • Download SysTools Software to your local system.
Download Zip repair
Browse Zip Files
  • Next, you have to select a scan option from the following:
  • Quick scan
  • Deep scan mode
  • Reach-based scanning
select a scan option
  • After the scanning procedure is complete,
scanning procedure
  • Now, this tool provides two different modes to extract Zip data files. Here, you have to select the destination location by browsing and clicking the Extract button.
 extract Zip data files
  • Finally, the tool will reveal the extracted file path with their respective information.
 extracted file paths


In this blog, we have introduced an automated approach to resolve this error. However, to fix too long ZIP file error path without challenges like data loss, it is recommended to choose a reliable SysTools Zip Repair Tool. With this efficient tool, users can easily troubleshoot zip extract path too long error in just a few clicks

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