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Fix Corrupted SQL Server Backup File- It’s Simple Like 123

fix corrupted SQL Server Backup file

There are many users who are searching for a solution to repair corrupt SQL Server .bak file. After considering the issue, we have come up with an efficient approach to fix corrupted SQL Server Backup file without losing a bit of information.

Simply, go through the upcoming segments, you will get the complete knowledge about how to resolve corrupt SQL BAK file issue, the reasons behind the BAK file corruption, etc.

But, proceeding further, go through the user’s real-time scenario mentioned below to know deeply about this issue.

User’s Query Related to Corrupt SQL .bak File

It’s been a long time since I created the backup of my SQL database. Also, I already had a .bak file that I want to restore in the SQL Server database. Unfortunately, I am not able to do so, due to a corruption issue. I thought the SQL server BAK file gets corrupted.

Now, I need a reliable and secure solution to fix corrupted SQL Server backup file without any hassle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.” – Andrew Wilson

After understanding the above-stated user’s query. Now, let’s know the possible reasons behind SQL backup file corruption.

Topmost Causes Behind SQL Server Backup File Corruption

There can be multiple reasons behind the SQL backup file corruption issue. So, in this segment, we are going to state a few of them. Take a look:

1. Virus, malware, and bugs highly infect all the SQL BAK files

2. Inappropriate system shutdown when the SQL server backup file opened

3. When you create a backup an error is already present in SQL Server

4. The SQL Server database corruption problem can occur when users upgrading the SQL server from the older version to a newer edition.

5. Hardware failure is also one of the common reason behind the occurrence of SQL server backup corruption issue

A Brilliant Choice to Fix Corrupted SQL Server Backup File

As we know, the Microsoft SQL Server provides two different options, Transact- SQL command and SQL Server Management Studio which to backup and restore a database in SQL. But in case, the SQL Server backup file corruption. Because, both the manual methods are not able to repair and recover corrupt BAK files. In order to recover SQL server corrupt backup file, you must download the SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Tool. This is one of the perfect third-party applications to fix corrupted BAK files.

It is specially designed to repair and restore corrupt SQL backup file without any data loss. Moreover, the tool comes with an understandable and self-explanatory interface that proves easy to operate by novice users.

Also, it does not have any compatibility issues. It extensively supports all versions of MS SQL and Windows Operating System.

Instructions to Fix Corrupted SQL Server Backup File

Simply follow all the instructions mentioned below to repair and recover corrupt SQL backup file without any data loss. Let’s begin:

Step-1. Install and run the SQL Backup recovery tool in your local machine

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Step-2. Click on the Browse button to add SQL Server BAK files. Also, you have to choose the version of your SQL BAK file.

Step-2 Click browse button to Fix Corrupted SQL Server Backup File

Step-3. Here, you have to select the Multiple Backup file options to recover and restore multiple BAK files at a time.

Step-3 select multiple backup file option

Step-4. Now, choose the desired files and hit on the Recover button to restore SQL Database from Backup file which is corrupted.

Step-4 Click Recover

Step-5. After scanning and recovering the data items, Select the required Items and click on the Export button.

Step-5 Click Export option

Step-6. Select Export to between SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. After that, select Database Authentication and add all the required details.

Step-6 select export options

Step-7. Hit on the required database components and select the export option between with Schema & Data and With only Schema.

Step-7 select schema with data

Step-8. Afterward, hit on the Export button to effectively export the recovered backup file to the SQL Server Database.

Step-8 click export

Step-9. Finally, the tool will display a procedure completion message when the export process is finished successfully.

Step-9 Fix Corrupted SQL Server

Why Choose SQL Backup Recovery Tool to Repair Corrupt SQL BAK File?

So many third-party tools are present over the internet. But, when we are talking about the best, only one name comes to mind which is “SQL Backup Recovery” Software. This utility has come up with multiple enhanced features. A few of them are listed as follows:

1. Fix the corrupted SQL Server Backup file with all database objects without losing a bit of data.

2. Provides an option to browse and restore multiple corrupt Backup files at once.

3. It offers an Auto-detect option that helps to automatically detect the actual versions of the SQL Server backup file.

Concluding Thoughts

“How to fix corrupted SQL Server Backup File?” is the most common query asked by the MS SQL users. Therefore, we have highlighted the step by step procedure to repair and restore corrupt SQL Server BAK file. As we all know, there is no availability of a manual method to repair corrupt SQL backup file.

In this situation, only an automated approach can prove adequate. Thus, you can easily try the free trial version of the tool before purchasing it.