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How to Fix OST File Error Code 0000000E?

OST File Error Code 0000000E

Microsoft Outlook mainly consists of two data files, which are PST (Personal Storage Table) file and OST (Offline Storage Table). The Exchange Server mailbox is maintained as it is in the OST file which helps the user to avail the Exchange functions even at the time of slow internet connection, or other situations in which the user cannot access his / her Exchange Server. In the case of such situations, one can continue accessing his Exchange server mailbox with the help of OST file. OST files are vulnerable to corruption and lossage while the synchronization of mailbox items from the server due to any internal issues. In such situations, accessing the mailbox may lead to failure, not responding, or cryptic error messages. This article mainly focuses on describing the OST file error code 0000000E.

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Resolve Outlook OST file error code 0000000E

OST files can be corrupted due to both Logical as well as Physical issues. Some of the common factors that lead to OST file corruption are:

  • Malware Attacks or Viruses
  • Outlook Files (OST / PST) of Large Sizes
  • Abrupt Termination of Outlook
  • If the Updating of Software Faces any Interruption
  • Platform or Version Incompatibility
  • Hardware Failure
  • Shutting Down the System Abruptly
  • Improper Handling of Outlook Application

Some of the common OST error codes are:

  1. Internal Error (code=0000000E)
  2. Internal Error (code=00000003)
  3. Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0
  4. Service-specific error 0 (0x0)
  5. Error Code 0x8004103b
  6. Error-message/c5e20916-9359-43fc-9bd9

What is OST File Error Code 0000000E?

It is a very common error faced by Outlook users while accessing the OST files. This error mainly appears as a result of interrupting the synchronization of OST files. The credibility and integrity of OST files. As a result, the mailbox contents from the Exchange server becomes inaccessible along with the OST files. If we are facing the error code 0000000e while working on the Outlook, then it is quite clear that it either due to the corruption of OST file or due to the interruption in OST file synchronization.

Manual Method To Fix OST File Error Code 0000000E

User query: I am using Microsoft Outlook for the past few years. Last day, my Outlook window shut down abruptly when I was synchronizing the mailbox contents with the server and an error code=0000000e appeared on my PC screen. I am not aware of the OST files are corrupted. If yes, what should I do to recover the OST files?

Method 1: Inbuilt utility – ScanOST.exe

Since the error occurs as a result of PST file corruption or synchronization problems, it can be fixed with the help of the OST Integrity Check Tool i.e. ScanOST.exe. This is a free inbox repair tool which is provided for the Outlook users in order to recover the PST/OST files manually in the case of minor issues.

The Inbox Repair Tool can be used to repair corrupt OST files during the occurrence of OST file error Code 0000000E using the following steps:

  1. Exit the Outlook window
  2. Find and run the ScanOST.exe from the system
  3. Search and open the OST file which is to be repaired
  4. Click on Begin Scan and the tool scans the file for errors
  5. After scanning, click on Repair Errors for the tool to repair the OST files.

Note: The inbox repair tools are not present in the Outlook 2010 and later versions.

Method 2: Rebuild Outlook OST File

In some cases, even after running the ScanOST.exe, the error may not be resolved. In such situations, we should try to rebuild the OST file by deleting the corrupted OST file and then rebuilding it.

Drawbacks of OST Integrity Check Tool

  • The ScanOST.exe tool is mainly used to fix minor errors in the OST files.
  • In the case of server downtime, the ScanOST.exe cannot be used.
  • It cannot be used for resolving major errors.
  • The OST files which are severely corrupted cannot be recovered using the inbox repair tool.
  • Large-sized OST files are difficult to be repaired in case of OST file error code 0000000e.
  • The deleted mailbox contents cannot be recovered using the OST files repair.
  • The processes to repair OST files using the inbox repair tool is very slow.
  • Repairing the OST file using ScanOST.exe may cause data loss.
  • The inbox repair tool can repair the file only if the header part is corrupted.
  • The corruption in the body parts cannot be resolved using the ScanOST.exe.

Expert Solution for OST File Error Code 0000000E

Suppose we are facing issues during Outlook usage, we can use the inbox repair utility and OST integrity check tools to scan and repair the files. But as mentioned above there are various limitations and drawbacks associated with the utility. If the inbox repair utility is facing problems while repairing the corrupted OST files, one can use expert utilities. One such expert utility to resolve OST file error code 0000000e is OST Recovery.

The main features of this tool are:

  1. It can Recover and Extract All Data from Offline OST Files.
  2. Compatible with Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and All Below Versions.
  3. Allows the Preview of OST Files Before Conversion.


There may be situations when users face OST file error code 0000000e. In order to overcome the tedious task of recovering from the error manually, effective utilities may be required. OST Recovery is a tool which allows users to recover the OST files during corruption and issues.

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