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Google Drive Data Encryption For Data Security

Google Drive data encryption

Google cloud storage always encrypt data on server side, before it is written to the drive. While dealing with critical information Google Drive data encryption is essential. Data encryption convert data into another code and it can be accessed only with a decryption key or password. Encrypted data is known as ciphertext while decrypted data is known plaintext. At present encrypt Google Drive data is one of the most effective data security method to secure Google Drive files.

Process Of Google Drive Encryption

A file or data can encrypt with a password the process of Google Drive data encryption consists several steps. The information passes through a specific algorithm, it translates the data into encrypted form called ciphertext. This process develops a secret key, data only can be viewed in its original form if it is decrypted with the correct key. There are two types of G-Drive encryptions process. One is Google Drive Encrypt data at rest and another is Google drive encryption in transit.

Google Drive Encrypt Data At Rest
Google Drive encryption at rest is applicable when data is not moving through networks. The protection process is provided via encryption. In this process after login to G-Drive account whenever users try to access a file, then it is decrypted and present it for view and edit. Now, it does not require any password keys. The basic level of sign in security is the security protection when data at rest.

Google Drive Data Encryption In Transit
Google Drive data encryption in transit is applicable when data or information is moving throughout the network. Such as Google drive file attachments or links are share to other users via network. To access the files receiver end required authorized permission.

Why Google Drive Data Encryption Is Important

Most of the corporate prefer to store their sensitive data on cloud and Google drive encryption for sensitive data is must. It ensures the security of your confidential data and organization’s Google Drive. Security of shared data or information is responsibility between users, organization, and Google. Google from its end encrypts and protects data. However maximum security breaches occur due to user errors. Some of the scenarios explained below.

  • Data Breach: In corporate multiple users use the Google drive. The chances of data leak increase if multi-users use Google drive. While sharing or delivering to other users it leads to data theft. Another major cause of data breach is hacker. Once hacker successfully login to your website then, their major priority is to steal the data. Therefore, Google cloud drive encryption should be your top prority.
  • Malware: Most of the users install third-party Google Drive applications i.e., file editing app. Some of these third-party apps required permission while installation process to Google Drive information which may include sensitive data. Hence, Google Drive data encryption secure data from malware attack.
  • Phishing Attack: Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack which used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. A phishing attack causes users to unintentionally send critical drive document links and authority to attackers.
  • Ransomware Attack: Ransomware bots are the form of virus or malware in which a bad software code effectively hold a computer hostage till the fee “ransom” is paid. It is always looking to compromise cloud data using phishing and spyware. Once it encrypts Google drive files successfully it start demand ransom to exchange the password for decrypt the file.

These are the major causes which cannot neglect, to avoid these error and prevent the data Google Drive data encryption is must. To secure the data you can apply multiple layers of encryption key as mentioned below.

  1. Server – Side Encryption: This encryption occurs after cloud storage i.e., Google Drive receives data, before written to the disk and stored.
  2. Default Encryption Keys: This encryption apply to the server-side to encrypt the information.
  3. Customer Supplied Encryption Keys: For server-side encryption user can create and manage personal encryption key.
  4. Client side encryption: This encryption implement before sending the data to cloud storage i.e., data sent to the cloud already encrypted and also undergoes server-side encryption.

With Google drive storage advantages, it comes with the pitfall. Cloud storage is the best way for data saving. Users can access it from anywhere anytime. But exceptions are always there. There are many factors which can be the cause of data loss as discussed above. In this scenario, Google drive data encryption is essential. There is no doubt in the security of Google cloud drive encryption but maximum data scandal occur due to human error. Therefore, share credential with trustworthy and authorized team member and always take regular backup of sensitive data.