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Find How to Download Emails from Outlook Web App to Computer Simply

how to download emails from outlook web app

Have you tried to export Outlook.com emails to any desktop Outlook application? Could you complete the task for the first time? I know some among you might have faced the issue while using the Export mailbox option. For this, I’m here with the solution. Read the article and know how to download emails from Outlook Web App to a computer system with and without configuring the data to the local hard drive. This could get you out of trouble.

Outlook Web App is one of the most used web applications throughout the world. This application is free to use and offers a free storage space of 15 GB when created an account with the Outlook domain. This web app is rated as one of the top secured email management services. There is an option of the Export mailbox to download your data from the Outlook web app.

There is a chance that the Export mailbox process does not work in your case. It is said because there are cases seen and queries raised over to resolve this. This query is still searching for a reliable solution. I’m sure you can find one from the upcoming sections.

How to Transfer Data from Outlook Web App?

One method to save Outlook.com emails in offline mode is to configure the account to the Desktop Outlook application. This is a very known format and you can find this process all over the internet. But the process takes time over the configuration process as the account type server configurations may not be right at all times. Thus, always have an expert beside while taking your online Outlook emails to offline application.

Another method that got the process of downloading the mailbox from OWA to hard drive got derived recently. This method requires the installation of one application. Some steps have done and your data from Outlook.live.com is saved on your desktop. Do you need the process? Move down and get it.

Know How to Download Emails from Outlook Web App

Outlook.com backup tool is the application that keeps the ability to save your emails in OWA to the local hard drive. The facility asks for nothing other than some system requirements to install the application over the system. You just need to fulfill the prerequisites of the application to efficiently use it over. The application is below 20 MB size and only requires over 100 MB to install on the system. It will always ask for the desktop Outlook installation for saving the data in the Outlook data file. Now we move towards the process to save the data offline.

Steps to Download Emails from OWA to Hard Drive

  1. Install and Run SysTools OWA Backup Tool.
  2. Login with Outlook.com account credentials.
  3. Select Folders to download emails from the Outlook web app.
  4. Choose the email download format and check the mailbox items.
  5. Browse a location to save the OWA data file.
  6. Click on Start to begin Outlook.live.com email backup.

This will be it. The application will download and save all your important emails to the local computer system from the cloud Outlook.com account. Some more to tell regarding the facilities would be the number of email formats supported. The application will save your data in PST, EML, and MSG email formats. There are many more functionalities within the application that you will know while using it over.

Down the section is the most found process throughout the internet of configuring the OWA over a desktop Outlook application. If you can go over and perform the configuration, then move to the section below and follow the process.

Find How to Configure OWA Account to Desktop Outlook

The process of configuration requires an Outlook application installed on the computer system.

  1. Launch MS Outlook 2016.
  2. Go to the File menu. In the Info tab, select Add Account.
  3. A new window opens. Click on Manual setup or additional server types option. Click on Next.
  4. Choose for POP or IMAP radio button. Click on Next.
  5. In POP and IMAP account settings section, provide below details
    1. Your Name
    2. OWA Email Address
    3. Account Type: IMAP.
    4. Incoming mail server: outlook.office365.com
    5. Outgoing mail server: smtp.office365.com
    6. OWA username.
    7. Password.
  6. Click on More Settings.
    1. In Internet Email Settings, go to Outgoing Server tab
      1. Check for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option.
      2. Select Use same settings as my Incoming mail server radio option.
    2. Go to Advanced tab and enter the port numbers
      1. Incoming server (IMAP): 993. Encryption: SSL.
      2. Outgoing server (SMTP): 465. Encryption: SSL.
  7. Click on the OK button.
  8. Click on Next to test configuration settings.
  9. After test successful completion, click on the Close option.
  10. Click on the Finish button.
  11. Restart MS Outlook 2016.

This will add the OWA account to the desktop Outlook application. If you are using any other version of Outlook, you can go with this process to add the Outlook Web Account on the desktop application. The data in desktop Outlook will be saved for a lifetime afterward.

Final Thoughts

In the article above, we have discussed how to download emails from Outlook Web App to the local hard drive. The methods are easy to understand and follow as well. If you find any process difficult to process try the other method to lead you to success.

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