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How to Download Multiple Excel Files from Outlook | A Complete Guide


Do you have stuck in a situation where you have to download multiple Excel attachments from Outlook but you do not have any idea how will you do it? Then here in this blog, we are going to discuss the best and instant solution on how to download multiple Excel files from Outlook. So, be with us till the last to know the effective techniques to complete the task without any data loss.

Well, we know that Outlook is the most used email client around the world and there are lots of people who use Outlook on a daily basis to manage their emails. Moreover, the attachment feature in Outlook gives users an ease to share documents hence most of Outlook uses this feature to send and receive files via email. But sometimes some users need some specific file attachments and Outlook does not have an option that gives that the functionality to save specific file type attachments in bulk.

Let see a user query to understand the situation

Hi, I am stuck in a situation where I have to save only Excel attachments from multiple emails. The thing is that I know how to save attachments from Outlook but it is one by one method. And I have to save Excel files from hundreds of emails that take lots of time. So if anyone knows any techniques to download all attachments from Outlookthen please suggest to me

How to Download Multiple Excel Files from Outlook Instantly?

As we said above Outlook does not provide any solution that will help users to download multiple Excel files. Moreover, if you want to download Excel attachments manually, then you have to extract all the file attachments one-by-one from various emails which makes it a very time consuming and lengthy process. Therefore, to save users time and efforts we have come up with an amazing tool that will give the facility to download attachments on the basis of file format.

SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor is a most searched attachment management utility. And this tool can easily resolve you query on how to download multiple excel files from Outlook. It developed after considering all the basic needs of the users. Hence, the reasons this software comes with lots of advanced features. So, with the help of this software users can easily download Excel files from Outlook OST, PST, MSG, and BAK files. Also, capable to maintain the folder hierarchy during the whole process.

Steps of Working of Software

1: First, download and install it on your Windows machine.

2: Now, click on the PST/OST radio button and then click on the Add file(s) or Add Folder to add the Outlook files

3: Select Maintain Folder Hierarchy to preserve the folder structure

4: Click on the “Change” button to allocate the destination location

5: Under the Select Items Type section choose the Emails option.

6: After selecting the item type tick out the File type and enter the Excel extension (xlsx) in the provided space

7: At last click on the Export button to start the process

How to Download Multiple Excel Files from Outlook Manually?

If you less number Excel attachments to download then you can go with the manual method. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Firstly you have to open Outlook
  • After that open the email that contains Excel attachments
  • Select the attachment and click on the down arrow button
  • Now, choose the Save all Attachments option to save multiple Excel attachments.

Note: This method only saves multiple attachments from a single email it will not going to save multiple attachments from multiple emails.

Why this Software?

  • Capable to download attachments in bulk from Outlook OST, PST, MSG, and BAK files.
  • Provide various filter options such as date filter, size filter, format filter.
  • Capable to maintain folder hierarchy and data integrity.
  • After extraction, it generates attachment success and failure report in CSV
  • Support all versions of Outlook and Windows


If you want to save specific attachments from Outlook hundreds of emails, then it is very hard to save because you download it one-by-one from multiple emails. Hence, to make your work easier here in this article, we have discussed the easiest solution on how to download multiple excel files from Outlook