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How to Import MBOX in Thunderbird? Complete Guide

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Published On November 17th, 2023
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Are you looking for an approach through which you can import MBOX file to Thunderbird? Then through this article, we will provide you with the best results on how Thunderbird import MBOX files. 

To accomplish the task, we will see the manual approach and an alternative to choose when the manual approach fails. 

So, read the full article till the end and see which method is a good choice for you. 

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As you already know Thunderbird is a free desktop-based cross-platform email application that is developed by Mozilla Foundation. This allows the users to configure several email accounts through IMAP or POP. 

So, if you create a Thunderbird email account, the mailbox data is stored locally in the form of an MBOX file, which is the commonly used file format. 

Therefore if we put it in a simple manner, how to import MBOX file to Thunderbird, then possibly we have Two approaches through which you can import MBOX in Thunderbird. 

What are the Different Approaches to Import MBOX File to Thunderbird

  • Through ImportExportTools Approach
  • Through Professional Approach [Experts Choice]

So, let’s start discussing both of them step by step.

How does Thunderbird import MBOX Files Manually?

The first approach is the manual approach through which you can import MBOX file to Thunderbird. In this approach, Mozilla Thunderbird uses free-on which is known as ImportExportTools. 

Though this add-on has not been developed by the Mozilla Foundation, but still somehow works on the importing process. So, here is how to import MBOX file to Thunderbird through the ImportExportTool approach. 

Note-When you’re processing with the manual approach make sure that you have installed ImportExportTools add-on to the Thunderbird. If not installed yet, below are the steps for guiding you. 

1. Step 1. Download importexporttols.xpi file 

2. Launch your Thunderbird application. 

3. Click on Menu>>Tools>>Extensions tab

4. Then, Click on the Gear Icon and select Install Add-on from the file.

5. Now, choose the downloaded file (importexporttols.xpi) and Install 

6. When installation is complete, Restart the Thunderbird Application

Now let’s look at how to import MBOX file through a manual solution.

Note: Before moving to the manual solutions steps, it’s highly recommended to back up your MBOX file. This is so because the manual method might be prone to data loss. If in case, the mbox file got corrupted then you must have a backup option safe in your system. You can also convert MBOX to PST. It helps you to access the file in MS Outlook, in case it turns corrupted or the Thunderbird client fails to import it. 

Steps to Import MBOX File to Thunderbird email client

1. Step 1. Launch Thunderbird and click on the Tool button. 

2. Next, scroll down and Select ImportExportTools option

3. Now, select the Import MBOX File option to continue. 

4. Now, select the MBOX file from the PC  and complete the process. 

5. Restart Thunderbird for previewing your imported mailbox file. 

Now, your MBOX file email messages are imported to Mozilla Thunderbird. You can access them anytime. 

But this method also has some limitations which you should know while performing a manual approach.

Limitations of Manually Importing MBOX Files into Thunderbird

It is an inbuilt-free solution. Hence, it also comes up with some kind of constraint. So let us learn what are those.

      • There might be the possibility that you received broken inline images.
      • You may find incorrect header information.
      • You might witness some of the emails missing after the import
      • The attachments might be missing after the process of import. 

So, to overcome these limitations and data loss while importing MBOX to Thunderbird, you can opt for Thunderbird import Wizard Software

This professional solution is specially designed to import or migrate data from one Thunderbird with utmost accuracy. 

Additionally, this is capable enough to import MBOX in Thunderbird along with the attachments. So let us understand how this software works.

How to Import MBOX File to Thunderbird Through Automated Software 

To overcome the drawbacks of the manual approach, this software is the best choice for you.  

      • This software is the one-shot solution to import MBOX file to Thunderbird
      • This is the one-stop solution to import multiple file formats to Thunderbird in bulk like EML, EMLX, and Maildir files into Thunderbird. 
      • Also, has a feature that maintains the folder structure.
      • It is compatible with Windows Operating System 11, 10, and lower versions. 

Now follow the steps mentioned below to import MBOX to Thunderbird through this automated solution. 

1. First Download and launch the software.

Download & Launch the software

2. Now, Add File(s) to import MBOX in Thunderbird into the software. 

here you can also choose “Add Folder” if you want to move a folder.

3. Browse the file you want to import and click on the Next button.

Add File(s) to import MBOX in Thunderbird

Note- Here, you can see the Remove button. It is helpful if you need to remove the added files one at a time. 

4. You can now Apply Filters according to which your data will be imported. Just click on the Apply Filters text and click on Set button.

Apply Filters according to which your data will be imported

5. The software will now automatically show all the IDs that are configured on the Thunderbird.  You just need to select the identities in which you want Thunderbird import MBOX files. 

select the identities in which you want Thunderbird import MBOX files

6. Afterthat click on import to Start the process.

click on import to Start the process

7. You will witness a success message after the import process is successfully completed. 

witness a success message after the import process

Related FAQs

Q. How to import MBOX to Thunderbird?

  • Step-1. Run the Thunder Import Wizard
  • Step-2. Add Files or Folders
  • Step-3. Choose the required data
  • Step-4. Choose the required items
  • Step-5. Get a successful result 

Q. Does the Professional Software allow the bulk of import MBOX to Thunderbird? 

Yes, this advanced solution has an inbuilt feature to import the bulk of MBOX files in a shot. 

Q. What if I can’t find my MBOX files?

If you can’t find your MBOX file, check your email client settings or consult the email service provider support for guidance. 

Concluding Lines

To import MBOX file to Thunderbird doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s totally your call whether you want to go for the manual method or a professional solution. Both methods are explained in this step-by-step guide.

Therefore following professional steps will ensure a smooth transition of your data. Say goodbye to the hassle and enjoy the convenience of using professional utility.

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