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How to Recover Data from M.2 SSD? Quick Solution

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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Is it possible to do M.2 SSD data recovery or recover data from M.2 SSD? Is loss of data possible on the M.2 SSD drive and is it recoverable? These questions have become popular recently, with most of the users asking these types of questions on different forums and sites. The m.2 SSD is becoming famous and slowly taking over regular SSD.

The benefits are plentiful and are assisting manufacturing companies to shift to M2, as it gives more space than SSD and comes with enhanced security features. However, there is a possibility of losing data from the M2 solid-state drive.

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What is M.2 SSD Drive?

The M.2 Solid State Drive (SSD) conforms to the computer industry specification and falls under the mountable storage cards belonging to the small form factor. The design of the form factor began to provide high-performance storage devices in thin, power-constrained units for tablets and ultrabooks. The M.2 specification supports Wi-Fi, USB, Serial ATA, and PCIe applications.

Why do We Need to Recover Data from M.2 SSD?

In the worst-case scenario, the M.2 SSD will not boot or your computer will crash. If this happens, you will not be able to turn on your computer or access files stored on the drive. On this page, we present some reasons why M.2 SSD drive failure results in data loss.

  • Hardware Failure: If you see the message “The request failed due to a hard drive error,” it means that your computer’s hard drive or solid state drive is physically damaged and the operating system is unable to access, read or write it. This type of error can occur on removable devices such as external hard drives or flash drives.
  • Logical Corruption: While many people are concerned about hardware problems, there are also many software problems that can lead to data loss, which are called faulty reasons. The hard drive may also go missing without a partition, the file system may become corrupted, or the drive may be damaged due to a virus attack or software error.
  • Forgot to Make a Backup: Sometimes important data may be lost due to a lack of a backup system. This is almost the main reason for data loss. SSD m.2 is a device that can store up to 1 TB of data and store many files at the same time. This makes it easier to manage and organize your files, but if you’re not careful, deleting or formatting the drive can cause you to lose all your data.

Try Reliable Software to Recover Deleted Files from M.2 SSD

With this professional Solid State Drive Data Recovery Software, you can recover all damaged, lost, formatted data from SSD in a few clicks and save data again without doing anything. To avoid inconvenience to the customer, all data returned from the device is placed in the first list hierarchy. This program is designed to automatically detect all external hard drives connected to the computer.

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It provides the best option to recover selected data from Solid State Drive. With this, you can recover permanently deleted files from SSD instantly without any data loss. Users can select a drive and easily view all properties such as device ID, media type, device type, file type, total capacity, and free space. The reason lies in the safety protocols and the robust construction of the algorithm that assists in data recovery from the M.2 SSD with some easy clicks.

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Step-by-Step Process to Recover Data from M.2 SSD

Here you can learn how to retrieve data from m.2 SSD, which helps anyone use the software with ease. This tool provides a free demo version. Users can check all features of the software and preview their data but they can’t save.

Step 1: Simply download and install SSD recovery software on your Windows OS

SSD recovery software

2: Now, application provides you two data recovery options: Scan and Formatted Scan.

Scan and Formatted Scan

3: Now you can preview your recovered data in application panel


4: Finally, you can Save your important data at your desired location


Precautions to Recover Data from M 2 NVME

  • Install reliable anti-virus software on your computer to protect your important files and folders from harmful threats
  • Don’t install any untrusted third-party software on the PC or laptop to avoid file system corruption and other possible data loss problems
  • When users encounter any sign of system or laptop failure, take backups of their important files ASAP.

Summing Up

In the write up we have discussed the complete step-by-step solution to recover data from M.2 SSD. professional software any user can perform this utility, whether he or she has a technical or non technical background. Users can also try free demo version of the software to check its working efficiency. It is not time consuming task to easily recover deleted Excel files from computer.

Frequently Asked Query

Q: How do I recover data from m2 SSD?

With the help of SSD Recovery Tool users can recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from m2 SSD.

Q: It is possible to restore file from m2 SSD?

Restore data from m2 SSD by reading the above-mentioned blog. The user can follow the above software steps.