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How to Restore VHDX File Windows 10 – Automated Solution

Written By Jaspreet Devgan
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Published On September 1st, 2023
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Whenever the users have to restore VHDX files from Windows 10 or cloud-based resources, virtual machines may become problems and make data recovery a challenging process. It may be because managing plenty of data types at the same time increases the simplicity of the process.

Although the VHDX is giving many benefits to the organizations but making the IT environment of the organizations highly complex. Fortunately, some solutions have arrived on the market to restore vhdx files in Windows 10 safely and instantly.

Causes Behind VHD File Corruption

  1. Malware and virus Attacks:- This is the main reason behind any file corruption. When viruses are attached to any file all files become useless and inaccessible.
  2. Sudden System Shutdown:- If users do not practice a proper shutdown routine while working on their PC, users can face corruption. Even if users are practicing and following the proper step by steps shutdown procedure, some other factors may lead to a sudden PC shutdown. Be it intentional or mistakenly, any sudden shutdown of their PC may lead to corrupt files.
  3. Hard Disk Crashes:- Sometimes users’ hard drives crash, then no doubt, users are going to face a few hard times with those corrupt VHDX files for sure.
  4. Human Error:- This is another major cause behind the corruption and deletion of the VHD file is human error.
  5. Antivirus Software Installation on the VHD:- Once the antivirus tool is launched on your virtual drive then the procedure might generate various problems on the VHD.

How to Restore VHD File in Windows 10 With Reliable Application

Try amazing software to restore deleted data from the VHD file named as SoftwarePro VHD File Recovery Software. Users can download this application from any version of Windows OS.

With this utility, you can recover any type of lost data like deleted, corrupted, formatted, vhd, or vhdx files. It assured users to recover permanently deleted data from the VHDX file. After recovery deleted files are highlighted in red color. So that users can easily differentiate normal deleted or permanently deleted vhd or vhdx files in resultant data.

In addition, the utility also supports recovering formatted, corrupted & unhealthy Virtual Hard Drive files. It is simple to use anyone who can use this application whether he or she savvy or non-savvy. It has a simple graphic user interface (GUI). This tool also gives free demo version but the demo version have some limitation. In the demo version, users can not save their files. If users want to save their files they have to purchase this utility.

Steps to Restore VHD File Windows 10

Step 1: Install the VHDX data recovery software Tool on your Windows computer. After that hit on the Open button.How to Restore VHDX File Windows 10

Step 2: Now click on the browse button and navigate to the destination where .vhd or .vhdx file is saved. select the vhd files and hit on Open.

how to restore vhd file in windows 10

Step 3: When completes the data recovery process, the software will list all restored folders in the Explore panel. Just expand the folder and view the recovered data simply.

recover vhdx file

Step 4: Two modes to Save and restore VHDX file items. users can Save all retrieved files or selected data files.

How to Restore VHDX File Windows 10

Key Features of  The Software

  1. Secure data recovery from formatted and deleted VHDX file partition
  2. This can retrieve files from corrupted VHD & VHDX files
  3. Recover healthy VHD file data with the exact file name, type, size, etc. Without installing VM
  4. This software supports recovering shift+deleted, formatted, or re-formatted .vhd and vhdx partition data recovery
  5. This application supports restoring and scanning any size of VHD file without any file size limitation
  6. The foremost part of the utility supports various languages setup installation

Well, there is no doubt that technology is making things simpler for us but it is also bringing exposure. Well, if users are using virtual machines to store crucial data then users must keep the backup of their data on an everyday basis. It is because keeping a regular backup of your data will help users to avoid data loss on the vhd even if there has occurred any problem. It is because you can use the backup simply in case anything has gone wrong with the data on virtual machines.

Final Verdict

So, now you understand how to repair the VHDX file in Windows 10. Virtualization has made things easy, but the structure of the IT departments has become more complicated than ever. Therefore, it has become essential to look into the best existence to reduce the loss of files and folders on virtual machines. But if unfortunately, users have missed some of their important vhdx files then users should keep handy a solution like SoftwarePro which can help users to get back their precious data within a few minutes.

Some Questions Asked by Users

Que:- How do I restore a VHDX file in Windows?
Ans:- Yes, by following above mentioned solution users can restore VHDX files in Windows instantly without any hassle.

Que:- Can I restore a VHDX file by using manual method?

Ans:- No, there is not any manual method available on the internet to restore a VHDX file. Users can try professional solutions to recover VHD files instantly without any data loss.