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Recover Data From Corrupt VHD File – Resolved

recover corrupt vhd file

Corruption in virtual hard drive (VHD) file can cause loss of essential data files or folders, concluding OS boot data files and partition table. VHD files corruption brings your data in an inaccessible condition. And recover files from corrupt VHD file is a little bit sophisticated.

When your VHD disk corrupted suddenly, and you not able to access your files and folders in virtual machine. Then, don’t feel bad about it. You can try SysTools VHD Recovery Software. It can recover data from corrupt VHD file. The best thing about this application you can download it any version of Windows. We are clear this query from an example, that taken from forum website.


How to Recover Files From Corrupt VHD File

Hello friends, I am using hyper v virtual machine to mount Windows 8 VHD file in Windows 10 system. Yesterday when I turn it on VM, then virtual machine creates error code of corrupt VHD file. My all essential data files turned into inaccessible format. So, anyone can please tell me any way to recover corrupt VHD file to physical HDD. Is it possible to recover data from corrupt VHD file in Windows 10. If yes then how please help me ASAP.

As we have mentioned the above query as per users need and requirement to recover VHD corrupt and damaged file. When any one asked these types of query on the web there are various software available in the market. But if you are looking a reliable and virus free software then try VHD Recovery Software.

By using this utility users can recover data from corrupt VHD file to physical disk storage. This utility is specially designed with deep scan technology to execute fast extract data from damage VHD file. Before describing the software we will know what’s the reasons of VHD file corruption.

Reasons of VHD File Corruption

There are various reasons behind VHD file corruption. Few reasons are mentioned below. Read these reason and get rid from VHD file corruption.

  1. Suddenly System Shut Down:- Due to human error or power failure, the computer may suddenly off without proper shut-down. Because of this this causes users serious damage to the computer hardware. If you are working on your VM then you VHD files may be corrupted.
  2. Storage Media Failure:- Because of the failure of storage media and device, the files become corrupted, and that’s why VHD file becomes fail to run.
  3. Virus and Malware Attack:- Virus attack is the main reason of data file corruption of Virtual hard drive. Once virus attacked in a system users lose their important VHD files.
  4. VHD Move Error:- When you are transferring your VHD file one Windows Operating System to another OS. Then, this is the reason of damaging or corrupting VHD file.
  5. VHD Corrupted Errors:– Sometimes, users unintentionally deleted or remove store VHD files, clean or modification System Registry, and improper detach VHD from Disk Management are few of the major errors that can damage any VHD file.

How to Recover Data From Corrupt VHD File – Using Professional Software

A trustworthy VHD recovery software helps to recover deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from VHD file. This utility supports VHD file recovery even permanently deleted VHD file. It supports provides advance features to recover deleted partition from virtual hard drive.

This utility support to restore data from dismounted VHD and VHDX file. This application restore static and dynamic VHDX files. Users can recover any size of VHD files without any file size limitation. The best part of this software to install this virtual environment is not required. It supports multiple languages to recover files from corrupt VHD file.

Highlighted and Beneficial Features of the Software

This utility is full of exciting and useful features that assist you to get back your lost and damaged files from VHDX. Let us learn about few of the primary features of this utility:

  • Compatibility with All Types of VHD:- This software has complete compatibility with all types of VHD file. Whether the files are static or dynamic, file recovery is possible with VHD Recovery Tool. Both FAT (16 & 32) and NTFS (4, 5, 8) formatting VHD file.
  • Search within Restored Data:- Once the recovery is done and all items are shown in the preview pane, you can find out any file using the Search option. You can find any data by entering the file name or file extension and the tool will display all the outcomes that match the query.
  • Preview All Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) File:- After the data recovery, all the retrieved files are available to the users for previewing with their basic information. You can display the files along with their size, creation, path, and modification date, etc.

Steps to Recover Files From Corrupt VHD File

By performing below mention four steps, users will be capable to retrieve the normal deleted files, formatted, corrupted, damaged Virtual Hard Drive files or restore partition of Virtual Hard Disk.

Step 1:- Download and launch VHD Data Recovery Software on your Windows machine

recover corrupt vhd file

Step 2:- After that browse the VHD or VHDX files to the software.

Step 3:- Now application provide few option of data recovery like Quick Scan and Advanced Scan option.

recover vhd corrupt file

Step 4:- All Virtual Hard Drive files data will be available for previewing purpose.

recover files from corrupt vhd file

Step 5:- Select the necessary files and Save in desired location.

recover corrupt vhd file


  1. Restore formatted VHD partition
  2. Recover corrupt VHD/ VHDX file
  3. Recover shift deleted data files
  4. Fix VHDX file of any size


  1. Does not support Mac OS

Final Words

If you are annoyed by any types of VHD file corruption or want to recover data from corrupt VHD file then this is the right place for you. Try the above mentioned professional software to fix this issue. This utility does not need Virtual Environment installation and works absolutely on dismounted VHD or VHDX files. Including all of its awful features, we would rate this application 9.8 out of 10.


How do I fix a corrupted VHD file?

By using SysTools Hyper V Recovery Software users can fix a corrupted Virtual file. For using this tool virtual environment is not needed.

How do I fix a corrupted virtual machine?

Users can fix corrupt Virtual machine files after reading read the above-mentioned blog.

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