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Best Solution on How to Save a Picture from an Email to My Computer?


Hi, I am a photographer by profession and I always receiving photos via email attachments. Now due to a storage issue, I want to save all pictures from Outlook to my computer locally. But the thing is that there are hundreds of images I have to save from my Outlook. So if anyone knows the batch process on how to save a picture from an email to my computer, then please suggest to me.

Yep, it is true that if you have to download multiple attachments from Outlook emails, then there are no manual methods available. But here in this blog, we are going to discuss the two best techniques to save a picture from an Outlook email to a computer. So stay with us till the last to complete the task without losing any data.

How to Save a Picture from an Email to My Computer?

Due to the absence of the batch attachments extraction process in Outlook, most Outlook users force to use the manuals method where they save their attachments one by one from multiple emails. Well, this is quite useful in the situation of fewer attachments. But in the case of huge numbers of files, it is not that much useful in fact it will be very time-consuming in that situation.

So in this section, we are going to introduce the most searched and trusted software that can easily save multiple pictures from your email to your computer in a few clicks. SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor is one of the top-rated attachment management utility by the professional. The tools come with various sets of features for users convenience. The tool is capable to save attachments from Outlook email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals.

Step to Save a Picture from an Email to Computer

1. First, download the software on your computer

2. Once the download is completed install the software.


3. Then Auto Locate MS Outlook Default Storage Location option to add the PST file

4. After that choose the Maintain Folder Hierarchy which helps to preserve the folder structure


5. Select the destination point to save the picture on your computer

7. Choose mailbox categories option from Select Items Type

8. Now, choose the file type option then select the Include option and enter the picture extension

9. Once all setting has done click on the Extract button to save a picture from emails to computer

How to Save a Picture from an Emails to Computer Manually?

If seeking the manual way to do this, then here in this section we are going to discuss VBA scripts to extract attachments from Outlook. But keep in mind that this procedure containing the coding step so be careful while doing it, because a minor mistake can damage your Outlook data. Now, follow the below steps:

1. First open VB Editor and to this press Alt+F11

2. Now, copy and paste the below VBScript

Public WithEvents olItems As Outlook.Items

Private Sub Application_Startup()
Set olItems = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Items
End Sub

Private Sub olItems_ItemAdd(ByVal Item As Object)
Dim NewMail As Outlook.MailItem
Dim Atts As Attachments
Dim Att As Attachment
Dim strPath As String
Dim strName As String

If Item.Class = olMail Then
Set NewMail = Item
End If

Set Atts = Item.Attachments

If Atts.Count > 0 Then
For Each Att In Atts
‘Replace “test” with what you want to look for in attachment name
If InStr(LCase(Att.FileName), “test”) > 0 Then
‘Use your wanted destination folder path to save the attachments
strPath = “C:\Attachments\”
strName = NewMail.Subject & ” ” & Chr(45) & ” ” & Att.FileName
Att.SaveAsFile strPath & strName
End If
End If
End Sub

3. Now, go back to MS Outlook and select the emails from which the specific attachments need to save
After that, enable all macros and hit Alt+F8 keys to start the saving

4. Select ExecuteSavin and then click on the Run

5. Browse For Folder option to save specific attachments from Outlook emails

6. Select the location to save Outlook attachments

Note: If you have important attachments in your Outlook then do not try the above VBA script. Because there is a chance that you are ended with some error or loss of data.

Why this Tool?

As we said above Outlook does not give any option to save the batch attachments and if you try another manual method to this then there is a chance of data loss. Also, you are restricted with some set of options. But this tool is one of the most secure and gives a wide range of features to customize your extraction process as per your choice. Some of the best features are listed below:

  • Capable to save multiple attachments from Outlook in a single click
  • Support Outlook OST, PST, MSG, and BAK files
  • Comes with various filter options such as date filter, categories filter, size filter, and format filter.
  • Provide Naming Convention option for attachments and from a folder.
  • Compatible with all versions of Outlook and Windows.


How to save a picture from an email to my computer is a very common question asked by most Outlook users who dealing with photos and images. Hence, considering this here in this blog we have discussed the two best options to complete this task. So, now it is up to you to choose the right one for you.