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How to Split PST file into Two Parts or Smaller Parts for Data Management

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On September 1st, 2017
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MS Outlook email application of 2002 and earlier editions come with some storage limitation of only 2 GB sized database on mailbox. Due to this, users are limited to saving a limited amount of database on their Microsoft Outlook. For the time being if the users split PST file into smaller parts they can get both; the ease of saving all PST database on their large Outlook mailbox account without any issues or slowdown of mail client experienced. In addition, the section makes you aware of such circumstances that compel them to break up large PST file into two parts or smaller parts for avoiding manageability issues.

Major Issue!

One of the major problems with the large Outlook mailbox is known by the name of PST 2 GB problem in which the users start to experience issues in their Outlook performance due to the quickly growing file size of the PST database. The users can overcome this issue by utilizing the following ideas of managing Outlook:

Via up gradation: The users can upgrade the version of their Outlook email application to a Unicode PST creating version i.e. Outlook 2003 or higher editions that allow the users to store data more than 2 GB file size so that the users don’t have to compromise with the Outlook performance anymore. But it is suggested that the users do not utilize the method because if the up gradation fails the data might get corrupted or after up-gradation, the Outlook might refuse to access the PST data.

Via inbuilt facility: If the users utilize inbuilt facility like the pst2gb tool they can compress PST file size but this procedure is not considered as a feasible one as the PST data also gets compressed i.e. modified in the process.

Via Deletion: You can delete unnecessarily space occupying data from your PST folder in order to avoid the excessive growth of Outlook PST data size that results in unmanageability of the application.

Split PST File into Two Parts Smaller Parts Do not Compress It!

The users are advised to use an application program for overcoming the issues of Outlook management and to tackle with the Outlook file size limitation so that they get a solution to break up large PST file and do not have to compromise with the data and its integrity.

One Such Solution

The Split PST software application is designed to serve the users with the ability of fragmenting their PST data without hampering the database stored in it along with support provided to all versions of Outlook application. The software is totally safe as well as secure to break up large PST file. The tool supports all Windows based OS to perform the data migration. The application comes up with unlimited features that make easy for users to perform split PST file into two parts or smaller parts.

Anti – Panic Features:

  • Split oversized PST file process enables the successful splitting of all folders including emails, tasks, contacts etc.
  • Being easy in usage Split PST file is the preferred tool
  • Provides demo version that comes free of cost and is downloadable from the website. And recovers first 5 files from each folder
  • PST files can be divided by user convenience – by folder, by date, by name etc.
  • The break up large PST file procedure enables you to choose a folder of your choice

Final Words

To utilize the data in fully-fledged manner, most of the times users get stuck at numerous of situations just like how to split PST file into two parts or smaller parts. In the above-discussion, we have discussed a precise solution to perform such a process of PST splitting to manage MS Outlook properly.