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Learn How to Perform IceWarp to Office 365 Migration – Detailed Explanation

Written By Aswin Vijayan
Mack John
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Published On January 18th, 2024
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If you are reading this write-up, there’s a high chance that you must be aware of the IceWarp email client. It was quite popular a few years back but most of its users nowadays want to escalate towards Office 365. This is why users often ask about reliable ways to perform IceWarp to Office 365 migration in the minimum time possible. Evidently, this article can solve this issue for all the troubled users searching for a solution.

In this article, we are going to know the best method for executing this operation with the help of an advanced tool. Moreover, tips for planning the entire operation are also listed below & we will try to understand the advantages of opting for the modern approach. 

Perfect Planning to Migrate IceWarp to Office 365

A perfect plan can make significant changes in the end results of your data migration operation. If users do not invest their time in the planning phase, they may skip potential risks & face errors later. Follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Make an estimated list of data that you wish to transfer to Office 365 in order to avoid unwanted files acquiring O365 space.
  • Prepare your source & destination for this data transfer operation. Cross-check the subscription plan for both platforms & make sure that your destination platform is capable enough to accommodate the entire data.
  • Cross-examine the potential risks & threats before starting the operation & make sure you’re ready with your solutions to counter any issues at the moment.
  • Keep a backup of your data files as a Plan-B. This can provide the surety that even if your operation fails in the worst-case scenarios, you have your data files safe.

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Most Trusted Automated Solution for Smooth Data Migration

Now, it’s time to focus on the tool that users must opt for IceWarp to Office 365 migration without any errors. Microsoft’s MVPs & IT experts in this industry recommend a modern approach along with an automated solution. The reason for this solution being trusted by users is its accuracy. It is made dedicatedly for the perfect execution of such operations.

Automated software can affect your operation drastically if not chosen wisely. Hence, IMAP Migrator can be your wise choice for safe & reliable data migration. It is developed with advanced algorithms that can easily counter various API limitations & make your data transfer hassle-free.

IceWarp to Office 365 Automated Solution Guide

Step 1. After downloading, Select Source platform as IMAP & Destination as Office 365 platform.


Step 2. Select Email & set the Date Filter accordingly.


Step 3. Enter Source details & Destination credentials >> Validate required Permissions & Proceed further.


Step 4. Add Users through the two available options: Import & Download Template.


Step 5. Provide Source App Password & then Validate Permissions.


Step 6. Finally, Click on the Start Migration button.

IceWarp to Office 365 migration step-6

Benefits of IceWarp to Office 365 Migration Using Automated Tool

It’s time to explore the box of advantages that users can get if they opt for the automated solution. There are several benefits so let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Bulk Data Migration:- Users can perform bulk data migration if they opt for the modern approach. Manual methods often show multiple errors while doing so. This is why if you want to migrate data for multiple users, the Modern approach is the best solution.
  • Transfer Data Selectively:- Businesses do not want to transfer the entire data files of their IceWarp account to O365. Modern approaches & utilities enable users with this functionality. Now they can transfer only the required data files using various filters for IceWarp migration to Office 365.
  • Secure & Fast:- Everybody knows that Manual methods are slow & they aren’t totally secure. But the above-mentioned tool follows all the security norms & guarantees 0% chance of data breaches. In addition, it executes the entire operation in the minimum time possible.

Manual Ways to Perform IceWarp to Office 365 Migration

Follow these instructions:

Step 1. Prepare Source and Destination Environments

Ensure you possess administrative access to both your IceWarp email server and your Office 365 tenant.
Arrange user accounts within Office 365 for all the users intended for migration.

Step 2. Generate a CSV File

Generate a CSV file that encompasses the list of email addresses and corresponding passwords for users. This CSV file will be utilized for carrying out batch migration.

Step 3. Activate IMAP on IceWarp

Within your IceWarp admin console, activate IMAP access for the users designated for migration.
Make note of the IMAP server address and port for future reference.

Step 4. Configure IMAP Migration for Office 365

  • Log in to the administrative hub of your Office 365.
  • Navigate to “Admin centers” > “Exchange.”
    Within the Exchange admin center, proceed to “Recipients” > “Migration.”
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon and opt for “Migrate to Exchange Online.”
  • Select “IMAP migration.”
  • Input the IMAP server address and port from your IceWarp server.
  • Choose whether to implement SSL or not.
  • Provide the administrative credentials for the source server (IceWarp).
  • Click “Next.”

Step 5. Upload the CSV File

  • Upload the CSV file that encompasses the email addresses and passwords of the users.
  • Office 365 will validate the CSV file and allow you to establish a correlation between the source and target mailboxes.

Step 6. Establish Correspondence between Source and Target Mailboxes

  • Link the source mailboxes from IceWarp with their corresponding target mailboxes within Office 365.
  • Confirm the accuracy of the mapping and proceed by clicking “Next.”

Step 7. Initiate the Migration

Review the migration settings thoroughly and then commence the migration by selecting “Start migration.”

Step 8. Monitor the Progress of Migration

  • Office 365 will commence the migration procedure. You can oversee the progress of this process within the “Migration” section of the Exchange admin center.
  • Depending on the volume of data, this undertaking may necessitate a significant duration to complete.

Winding Up

In this article, we’ve learned the modern approach for IceWarp to Office 365 migration. Furthermore, we have also discussed the planning phase and its importance along with the manual method. Users must consider the benefits that they may enjoy if they opt for the modern approach. New users who don’t want to risk the crucial data of their business, must opt for this operation.

Any organization, enterprise, small business, or individual user having a similar query can easily execute the entire operation. That too in just a few simple steps using the above-mentioned tool.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users World Wide

Many users often come up with several queries regarding this operation. In this section, let’s take some of the user queries to understand what users actually feel & provide them with the solution.

Q-1. Does the modern solution eliminate the multiple irritative steps of this operation or do we still have to do it by ourselves?
A-1. The modern solution is the direct solution to migrate IceWarp to Office 365. Hence, users can get their work done in the minimum steps.

Q-2. On which Operating system, this modern approach is compatible?
A-2. This Automated solution is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11. Soon, it’ll be available for Mac & Linux too.

Q-3. How does selective migration work?
A-3. Selective Migration can be done using various filters including the date filter, which excludes the unwanted files & transfers only the required ones.

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