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Import Android contacts to Outlook in Best Way

Import Android Contacts To Outlook

“Just started using Outlook for the first time in my life. I need to transfer contacts from my Android phone to Outlook. I have tried many times but all my efforts have gone in vain. Can anybody provide me the solution to migrate Android address book to Outlook 2016? Any help is really appreciated.”

Does the query seem similar to you? Are you one of those users who want to import Android contacts to Outlook? Do not worry, here in this blog we will discuss every possible way to backup Android contacts to Outlook.

Before moving further let’s take a look at the vCard file.

vCard is a standard file format for digital business cards. .vcf is the extension for vCard files, which is sometimes also known as VCF file format. The digital business cards are generally attached in email messages but can be used anywhere. Contacts files are saved in vCard format almost on every platform. The VCF file contains all the data related to a person like First Name, Second Name, address, email address, phone number. With the latest vCard version 3.0 and 4.0, users can also attach multimedia data also. Users can attach images and even audio with other attributes of the person’s details. Due to many benefits of VCF / vCard contact file format, they are used by almost evey platform.Let’s move to the reasons why a user will want to add VCF to Outlook.

Need to Import Android Contacts to Outlook

There can be many to backup contacts from Android to Outlook. Some of them are mentioned below:
1. The very first reason is crashing of Android device. There are high chances that an Android device will crash anytime without alerting its user. When an Android device crashes, all the data is lost until and unless it is not saved on any cloud service.
2. Most Android devices are mobile that’s why there are high chances of device loss. So, it’s a good idea to backup all the android contacts to Outlook.

Manual Solution to Import Android Contacts to Outlook

To transfer contacts from Android to Outlook, proceed with the below mentioned steps:

  • Run Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate to File tab.
  • Click on Open & Export option.
  • Now, click on Import/Export.
  • Next, An Import & Export Wizard will appear.
  • Here, Select Import a vCard File (.vcf) option and click Next button.
  • A window will pop-up from where you can search for the VCF file which you want to import.
  • Select the file and click Open.
  • Finally, your VCF file will be exported.

Limitations of the Manual Method

There is a big limitation of importing Android contacts to Outlook manually. Outlook does not have the functionality to import multiple VCF contact file at the same time. You have to transfer each and every contact one by one. And if you have 1000 contacts, then you have to repeat all the steps 1000 times which is not practical. The manual method to import Android contacts to Outlook is quite tedious and time-taking. Don’t worry, to overcome this problem users can go for the automated solution which is discussed in the next section.

Alternative Solution

Users can opt for third-party tool,As the process which is discussed earlier has a big drawback which cannot be ignored. You can go for automated solutions like SysTools vCard Importer. The software will convert all your vCard files to PST format. You can easily import PST into Outlook. If you have 1000 or more than 1000 VCF file format, need not to worry. This tool will simplify your work and create a single VCF for you to import into Outlook.


The above blog discussed manual as well as an automated solution to import Android contacts to Outlook. This is up to user now, to which method he wants to use. But it is highly recommended to use automated solution, as they are more reliable.