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How to Import Outlook Calendar to Public Folder


“I want to transfer my PST calendar into Public folder. I have created the PST file of my Microsoft Outlook and tried to import Outlook calendar to public folder. Despite having full admin rights, every time it does not go to the correct folder and make another one. What should I do to move PST calendar file to Public folder. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank You”

The above problem to add Outlook 2010 calendar into Public folder must seem familiar to you. This is the very common query people are searching these days and to their concern, they are not able to find any of the solutions whether manual or automated tool. But do not worry, here in this article, we are going to tell you some of the best solution to import Outlook calendar to the Public folder. We will proceed to the method systematically and one by one. Let us take a look at the what is a Public Folder?

Overview – Outlook and Public Folder

Outlook is a Personal Information Manager which acts as a complete desktop based email client. Mostly MS Outlook is used by big and established organizations to carry out their day to day communication within their corporate firm. Being an email service, you can also store your tasks, journals and can create calendars to organize your meetings and set reminders of most important work or tasks.

On the other hand, A Public Folder is a folder stored in the Local Drive C “C:\Users\Public” of the computer system. It is a fast and simple way to share files. You have to simply add or copy folders or files into the public folder and it instantly becomes accessible to other users and devices. You can also set default restrictions on other application.

Let’s move forward and look at the techniques to export calendar from Outlook to Public Folder.

Techniques to Import Outlook Calendar to Public Folder

There are two methods using which a user can add PST calendar into Public folder.

1. Manual Method
2. Automated Method

We are going to discusss each method briefly in the next section.

Manual Method

To transfer calendar from Outlook PST into Public Folder manually, follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook and go to your Profile
  • Go to the “File” option from the navigation panel
  • Select “Import / Export” from the drop-down menu
  • Click on “Export to a file” option
  • Now, choose “Outlook Data File” from the options provided
  • A new PST file will be created in your Outlook folder
  • Now go to your C drive in the computer system
  • Go the “Users” folder
  • In the users folder, click on the “Public”
  • Now, just Drag-Drop your PST calendar file into Public folder
  • By doing this you can import Outlook calendar to Public folder. But this method has its limitations too.

Drawbacks of the Manual Technique

If you want a secure and foolproof transfer of Outlook calendar into Public folder, do not go for the manual import process. Your important data can be lost in the manual add process. The manual workarounds are not reliable as there are chances of data loss and misplacement of data.

Alternate Solution

So, what is the solution for this problem? You need not to worry. Here in this section of the blog, we are going to tell you about the other options which you can use to export your PST calendar to Public folder. The automated solution is the only way to import Outlook calendar to Public Folder. Use PST Converter tool to transfer PST data to ICS format. By using this software, users can easily move their PST data to anywhere they want. This utility not only export PST calendar to ICS but it also has some of the most incredible feature which are not supported by other tools of its arena. The software convert PST to MSG, EML, PDF, vCard, Text, and many other formats.

Closing Thoughts

In the above blog, we have discussed manual as well as automated solution to import Outlook calendar to Public Folder. Users can go for any of the solution according to their choices. But it is highly recommended to use automated solution like Outlook Converter as they are more reliable and there is no chance of data loss.