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How to Import Outlook Contacts to Kindle Fire HD Quickly

transfer Outlook address book to Kindle Fire

Outlook users often want to import Outlook contacts to Kindle Fire HD. Regrettably, there is no direct method of moving contacts from Outlook email to Amazon Kindle. That is the reason many Outlook users fail to transfer contacts to Kindle HD. Their problem will be solved after they read this post. Here, we will discuss two different methods of exporting Address Book from Outlook to Kindle HD. Users can easily export Outlook contacts to Kindle Fire HD by performing these methods. As we are already aware that Kindle Fire is compatible with VCF file format. We need to import Outlook Address Book to vCard. Before going to that discussion, we will see the reasons for contacts transfer from Outlook 2010 to Fire HD.

Why Import Outlook Contacts to Kindle Fire HD

Though Kindle Fire is known as an eBook reader, it can serve other purposes too. Using various applications, text messages can be exchanged by this device. Also, people can use Skype on Kindle Fire HD. If Outlook users want to communicate with their Outlook contacts from Kindle, they have to migrate contacts from MS Outlook to Kindle Fire. This is the main cause to import Outlook Contacts to Kindle Fire HD.

Lets take a look at the user query to understand the situation better

“I am using Kindle Fire HD from many years. It provides better experience of e-book reading. Apart from that it also has some awesome features. That’a why I want to copy Outlook contacts to Kindle Fire, so that I can carry my Outlook address book to anywhere.”

Now, we will take a look at the techniques to transfer Outlook contacts Kindle to Fire HD.

Methods to Import Contacts from Outlook 2010 to Kindle Fire HD

There is no direct method to transfer Outlook Address Book to Kindle Fire. Users have to use vCard Export Tool that can quickly migrate contacts from MS Outlook to Amazon Kindle. Else, they can try to implement a lengthy manual method. Here, we will talk about both the methods.

Manual Method to Export Outlook Contacts to Kindle Fire
In the manual method, we will use Gmail to export Outlook Address Book into Kindle Fire.
Step I: Save MS Outlook contacts in vCard Format
To convert Outlook contacts in VCF files, we have to implement three different stages.

Export Outlook Contacts into CSV File

  1. Launch MS Outlook and click File>> Open>> Import.
  2. Select Export to a File from the list of options and click Next to proceed.
  3. Now, select Comma Separated Values (Windows) from the options and click Next.
  4. Select Contacts folder to import contacts.
  5. Click Browse to select the destination location and enter a name for the file.
  6. Click Finish to complete the process to import Outlook Contacts to Kindle Fire HD.

Now, we will upload this CSV file in Gmail. This is an important step to transfer Outlook address book to Kindle Fire.

Transfer CSV File to Gmail

  1. Log in to Gmail account and click on the drop-down icon located in the top left corner of the window.
  2. Click on Contacts from the list.
  3. Click More>> Import.
  4. Select the CSV file you just saved for export.
  5. Click on Import and the file will be transferred to Gmail.

Export VCF File from Gmail

  1. Now, click on More button again and click Export option this time.
  2. Choose The group option and then select the date when you have imported CSV file into Gmail.
  3. Choose vCard format as the file format of resultant file. Click on Export button to save the Outlook contacts.

Step II: Import VCF File into Kindle Fire HD

Now, we will transfer the Outlook contacts VCF file into Kindle Fire HD.

  1. Connect Kindle Fire device to the system using USB cable.
  2. Create a new folder in Kindle root drive named “Contacts.”
  3. Now, copy vCard file into this folder and disconnect the device from the system.
  4. To verify if the contacts have been successfully imported, click on Contacts app from Kindle app library.
  5. Now, click the Menu icon situated at the bottom of the display and click Import/ Export.
  6. On the next step, select Import from Internal Source.
  7. Kindle Fire HD will spot the contact folder now and copy its content to save VCF file.

Limitations of Manually Moving Contacts from Outlook to Kindle

It is self-evident that the procedure of manual migration method is a lengthy one. This method consists of multiple steps and divided into different sections. As a result, a significant amount of time is spent to execute this technique. Moreover, users need patience and technical expertise to implement this technique. Therefore, it is not an ideal solution for migrating MS Outlook 2010 contacts into Kindle HD.

Quick Method to Import Contact Book from Outlook to Kindle Fire HD

To avoid limitations of the manual method, user can choose to use vCard Export tool. This software provides a quick solution to this problem by transferring Outlook contacts effortlessly. This program also allows you to preview the contacts with all its attributes. All contacts of default address book of Microsoft Outlook can be transferred into vCard. Single PST file or folder can be added or users can choose the option to import from Outlook profile. Users can export selective contacts from Outlook 2016 to Kindle. In a nutshell, this is the perfect choice for quick export of contacts from Outlook 2010 to Fire HD.

Basic Features of vCard Export Tool:

    • Imports Outlook contacts to Kindle Fire HD in a quick manner
    • Allows transfer of default Address Book of MS Outlook only
    • Creates a single vCard file from all contacts during migration
    • Opens & previews Outlook Address Book with all components
    • Ability to merge and transfer contacts from Microsoft Outlook
    • Features option to transfer selective contacts to Kindle Fire HD
    • Moves contacts from PST file, folder or default Outlook profile
    • Also exports corrupt, orphan or password protected PST contacts


This post discussed both the techniques to import Outlook contacts to Kindle Fire HD. Users can choose any of these to migrate their Outlook contacts. As the manual method of this process contains a lot of steps, it is better to use the tool. This application is capable of quickly exporting address book from Outlook to Kindle Fire HD and that too without any complications. All are suggested transfer MS Outlook contacts using this software.



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