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How to Import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook PST Manually

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On June 21st, 2019
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Step-by-Step Guide of Thunderbird SBD to Outlook Converter

What is SBD file in Thunderbird?

SBD File is a sub-directory file in Thunderbird which helps to store email messages in Folder hierarchy. For Every sub-folder .sbd File is generated. For instance, if a sub-folder is generated for Inbox then an Inbox.sbd folder Thunderbird is generated. This article describes interesting methods to import SBD files to Outlook

Thunderbird is an open source email client application used for sending and receiving information from one place to another. It uses SBD directory that store information in .msf and .mbox file (file with no extension). MSF file stores indexes of emails and MBOX file comprises of the content of email messages. However, Thunderbird provides many advanced features but still it lacks behind in few essential features. There are various other email clients available which are more powerful and efficient that make users migrate & import SBD to Outlook. As MS Outlook is improving and providing various advanced features, it’s number of users are also increasing. Therefore, users want to import data items stored in SBD to PST file. Hence, in this, exact reasons of switching and how to convert Thunderbird SBD to Outlook is discussed.

Why you need to Import SBD to Outlook

Thunderbird lacks behind from MS Outlook in various terms and all of them are mentioned below. Some the reasons why you need to import SBD Folder to Outlook :
1. Thunderbird Supports only 53 languages whereas MS Outlook supports 96 languages
2. MS Outlook has inbuilt calendaring features that help in making notes, maintaining tasks.
3. Thunderbird does not support IMAP whereas MS Outlook does
4. MS Outlook provides more security option such as full password protection for encoding emails.
5. MS Outlook provides an anti-spam function to avoid unnecessary emails, which is not in Thunderbird.
6. Thunderbird does not have the option to view message threads in long setup.
7. MS Outlook provides better database management features as compared to Thunderbird.

How to Import Inbox.sbd folder Thunderbird to Outlook Manually

There is no direct manual available to import SBD to PST. Therefore, one needs to put some extra efforts to import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook , which is explained below:

Step 1: Move SBD Thunderbird to Outlook via Apple Mail

1. First, Download and Launch Apple Mail on your Local Machine
2. Go to File >> Import Mailboxes option
3. Select the files from where you needs to import data. Choose File in Thunderbird Mailbox format option and press Continue
4. Browse to import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook and click on Choose >>Continue for further process
5. When the process is completed click on Done option
Now, check the Import section to verify SBD files are imported successfully or not.

Step 2: Use Eudora to Create Mailbox

1. First of all, rename the file within .sbd Folder by XYZ to XYZ.mbx
2. Now, you need to move the renamed file XYZ.mbx to directory where all files of Eudora are stored (C:Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora)
3. After that, open Eudora and double click on XYZ.mbx files to finalize the creation of file and close the Eudora

Step 3: Use Outlook Express to Import SBD Folder to Outlook

1. Run Outlook Express on your machine
2. Navigate to File >> Import >> Messages option
3. Now, select the Eudora from the list and click on Next button to continue.
4. After that, click on Browse button to locate XYZ.mbx file, then click on OK button
5. Click Next >> Next >> Finish button to complete the process

Check Local folders section in Outlook Express to verify the imported mailbox.

Step 4: Import SBD to Outlook through Outlook Express

1. In MS Outlook application, go to File >> Open option
2. Now, click on Import option and then on Import and Export Wizard to import SBD to Outlook.
3. After that, select Import Internet Mail and Addresses option from the list and click Next to continue
4. Select any of Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail and press Next button
5. Now, verify the imported mailbox in MS Outlook. Its new location is Outlook Today in Personal Folders.

Drawbacks of Manual Method to Convert Thunderbird SBD to PST

There are some limitations that a user may face while converting Thunderbird SBD to PST format of MS Outlook. All of them are mentioned below:

1. There is no direct method available to import SBD to Outlook and the indirect way is very lengthy and time-consuming to perform.
2. There is always a risk of data loss. It’s better to first take backup of data before you start to import SBD files to Outlook.
3. The manual has no guarantee of full conversion.
4. There is a probability of file corruption in Thunderbird SBD file.
5. It is not suitable for non-technical users at all.
6. It can cause a problem in converting a large number of data.

Effortless Solution to Import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook

To overcome the drawbacks of manual procedure and save lots of time there is another option to import SBD to Outlook is using an Thunderbird MBOX/SBD to PST converter third party tool to perform mbox to pst file conversion. Other than PST format, a user can save converted file EML, MSG or NSF file format also. It is an easy-to-use method with high data security.

Benefits : SBD to PST converter

  • Automatically detect client data with MBOX file extension
  • Import SBD files to Outlook
  • Option to split large size Outlook PST file
  • Provide preview data items along with attachments.
  • Convert multiple Thunderbird SBD files to Outlook/ EML/ MSG/ NSF in batch.


MS Outlook provides more facilities to users as compared to Thunderbird. Therefore, most of the users want to migrate from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. In this article, after understanding the need of users, we have discussed the manual procedure to import Thunderbird SBD to Outlook. However, there is no direct manual available so, it becomes difficult for users to perform it in an indirect way. Hence, to avoid the problems faced by the users in the manual method, third party tool that acts as an effective Thunderbird SBD to Outlook converter for easy process. It is an effortless solution to import SBD folder from Thunderbird to Outlook PST.