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IT Trends 2018: Get Ready To Benefit Yourself With Digital Technologies

IT Trends 2018

In this article, we are going to focus on the advanced digital technologies that will give you idea on how to grow your business in today’s arena. Top 5 IT Trends 2018 are described in this blog to make enterprises aware of the current market needs.

The year 2017 was marked as the Year of Intelligence because of the achievements in new technologies. These new IT engineering concepts produced an excitement and unexpected type of trends with broader horizons impact and promising firm prospects. This year i.e., 2018 is expected to bring a drastic change in each and every field of IT industry. So, let us begin with major IT technology trends of the year 2018 by taking a brief overview of them.

Top 5 IT Trends 2018 – Increase Business Growth

1. Artificial Intelligence Reshapes the Business Strategies

The purpose of using the Artificial Intelligence is for enhancing the decision making, reinventing the business model, and redesigning the customer experience that drives digital initiatives payoff through the year 2025. The positive response by the customers in AI type of inquiry calls, gave confidence to the enterprise to increase with this IT trend. A survey denotes that still there are 59% of the firms who are collecting data for building the AI strategies. The remaining percentage of the enterprises had already made the progress in adopting or piloting the AI approaches.

If the users are using this Artificial Intelligence in a correct manner then, it will result in higher payoff for the business. AI machines will exhibit the intellectual activities, which can be performed by humans. Apart from this, they can also learn much more than the human being in a dynamic manner.

IT Trends - Artificial Intelligence

2. Blockchain Reveals More Opportunities for IT industries

The blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, tokenized, and shared ledger, which eliminates the work by rendering independent unique participants and applications. It permits untrusted entities to perform the business transactions. This IT Trends 2018 technology promises to bring changes in companies and surrounds the financial opportunities in healthcare, government agencies, supply chain, etc.

The implementation of blockchain requires a proper understanding of limitations and capabilities of the blockchain, developing opportunities of the business, essential implementation skills, and a trust architecture. Check that your team is aware of the concept of cryptography to determine that what things are possible and what is not. Determine the points of integration along with already existing infrastructure and then, analyze the platform maturation level and evolution. IT companies are suggested to utilize deep caution measures at the interaction time with vendors. They need to ensure that you are properly identifying the usage of blockchain technology.

IT Trends - Blockchain

3. Fasten Up the Learning Procedure and Make Data Collection Better

Different challenges related to the data collection and computations complexity creates several barriers to deep learning. Innovations in the hardware are programmed for speeding up the experience of deep learning. For example – The recently available Graphical Processing Unit comprises the greater cores number and a different architecture. An expert stated that ‘In the next 3 to 5 years, an intensive training would shorten the time period of developing software, from several months to the several days. This IT Trends 2018 technology reduces the product costs, increases productivity, and improves the functional characteristics.

In the current scenario, major large enterprises understand the data collection importance and its impact on the business. Soon, IT companies will begin with utilization of more data and then, the enterprise’s success gets dependent on the capability to combine disparate information. Well, in the recent time, companies are collecting customer’s information through the ticket systems, omnichannel platforms, CRM, etc. The concept of gathering data via specialized sensors like LIDAR is also on the list. It will become a well-adopted technology trend to integrate the existing machines with client data in one single data pool. Startup organizations of 2018 will continue the creation of new solutions to gather and use data in a digitalised manner.

4. Intelligent Applications and Data Analytics Technology

In the next few years, applications and services will incorporate AI up to some extent. AI runs in an unobtrusive way in the background of several same category programs and gives rise to new ones. In a wide range of service marketing, AI has become another battleground for IT trend technology that involves ERP aspects as well. Intelligent software creates a new layer of intelligence in between the systems and people. It have the potential of transforming ongoing work nature and workplace structure.

Explore the intelligent applications in the way of augmenting the human activities and not only as a method to replace people. This type of augmented analytic is termed as a strategic growing solution. It utilizes machine learning to automate the data preparation, insight sharing, and insight discovery for a wider range of the enterprise users, employees, and the citizen information scientists.

5. Cloud Computing to Give Flexibility to Information Access

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ refers to delivery of the IT resources like computer applications, hardware, infrastructure, and services over the web. In the traditional IT, the demand for applications and capability is forecasted. Time, as well as money, is invested in the development of resources to purchase them and work with them in-house. Clients do not need to have their own data storage infrastructure when they are working with cloud computing.

In this IT Trends 2018 technology, the cloud provides a virtual environment in which on-demand services are rendered just by the internet connection. But, it does not dictate the services that falls under centralized or decentralized category.

IT Trends - Cloud Computing

Conclusion With Few Suggestion Tips

The blog illustrates top 5 IT Trends 2018 that will help a business to compete with latest customer’s demand. Among all, cloud computing has already shown its arrival. In the year 2017, several enterprises had already adopted this online technology. But here the challenges is that among such organizations, there are few firms who are unaware of the importance of cloud security in IT field. This type of unaware might lead to different cybercrimes activities like Ransomware, data breach, phishing scams, etc. So, by ending this blog, we want to give the recommendation to cloud service clients that they should adopt appropriate CASB cloud service. This will help them in taking best out of the online technology without being getting targeted for hackers.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 9 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.