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Migrate SQL Database from One Server to Another – Copy All DB Objects

migrate SQL database from one server to another

Summary: This guide explains the best way to migrate SQL database from one server to another one. We know that SQL server is quite a professional platform for creting & managing databases. Evidently, this task can be tough without having the core technical knowledge. This guide can provide the best solution well as several other significant aspects that helps in this migration task.

To copy SQL database from one server to another, there may be several challenges that users need to face. However, the solution we are going to mention can counter all these challenges. Still, just for your knowledge, we’re going to mention these challenges here. Make sure to read the entire guide to not miss out on any of the crucial factors that might trouble you later.

Let’s start with the reasons to migrate SQL DB from one server to another verison. This can help us in understanding the user intent as well as the core vitals of this operation. Let’s have a look at these in depth.

Copy SQL Database from One Server to Another – Reasons to Migrate

There can be various reasons why users perform this operation. However, we can divide them into majorly two segments. The first one is the structural changes of the organization & the other one is upgradation. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Structural Changes

  • Merger – When two brands merge together, they eventually bring their databases on the same platform. Here, users mostly migrate the database from the lower verison to the higher one.
  • Acquisition – In the case of the acquisition of a company, users have the same intent. The aim here is to bring the entire database to the same version for ease of work & management.

Upgradation Changes

  • Subscription Plans – With the intent of upgrading, users mainly focus on the better pricing plans that offer better service at less price. Indeed, it’s a crucial factor to migrate SQL DB from one server to another.
  • Better Performance – Users often demand better quality & performance to never let their business compromise. New versions are technologically advanced & which is why users can easily get the latest performance benchmarks.
  • Improved Functionality- New version often comes with new features & functions. Evidently, these features are good enough for users to boost their efficiency as well as effectiveness.

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Challenges Users Need to Counter:

  • Corrupt database objects.
  • Selection of the right tool.
  • Data Compatibility Issues.
  • Weak technical knowledge.

Best Way to Migrate SQL Database from One Server to Another One

Whenever w talk about the solutions, users always try to get the manual one first. However, here, it’s kind of hard to get the manual solution. Hence users need to go for the automated solution available. All this discussion is significant while making the SQL server migration project plan in advance.

Manual Solution

Yes, it’s hard to digest that there is no direct manual solution available here. If users need a manual solution, first they have to take the backup of the entire SQL Database using scripts & then they have to upload this to the destination server. This is quite a complex task to migrate SQL DB from one server to another one.

Automated Solution

Talking about the automated solution, users should go for the most advanced SQL Server Migration Tool. Automated solutions are specially made for such tasks. Download the best utility from below to execute your migration task. This is so far the best option for users to get their database objects in the new server.

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Prerequisites & Step-by-Step Solution for Users

Now that users are aware of the best solution, it’s time for them to simply get to the step-by-step tutorial. However, before moving forward, it’s crucial to know the prerequisites & system requirements first. To migrate SQL database from one server to another, it prepares users from the beginning.


  • Users must have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or even the latest than this one. This can help them work flawlessly & it is mandatory.
  • Launch the tool in “Run as Administrator” mode with Windows OS 11, 10, 8, 7, (32 or 64 Bit) or Windows server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.

System Specifications:

  • Minimum Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz should be there.
  • The solution requires around 100 MB of free hard disk space in the system.
  • Users should have a system with a minimum of 4GB RAM in it.

Step-by-Step Solution to Copy SQL Database from One Server to Another One

Download the tool & install it in your system. Follow the below-mentioned five easy steps with the respective images to get your desired answer.

Step-1. Launch the Software in your system & Proceed to the Open option.

step-1 migrate SQL database from one server to another

Step-2. Select the migration mode as Offline or Online as per your need.

step-2 select the migration mode

Step-3. Preview Database Objects in order to confirm your DB objects.

step-3 preview database items

Step-4. Adjust the Export Settings in the export options as you like. 

step-4 export option of SQL Server

Step-5. Hit the Export button to migrate the database in one go.

step-5 migrate SQL database from one server to another

Migrate SQL Database from One Server to Another – Best Features

It’s time to know the features that the automated solution offers to users for the SQL server migration task. These features are quite advanced it’s crucial to be aware of them. This way users can utilize the complete potential of the tool to get desired results in minimum time with maximum accuracy.

  • The solution allows users to migrate their live SQL server to another live SQL server.
  • Users can also use SQL scripts to migrate data in offline/online servers & vice-versa.
  • It is possible to migrate the databases with offline MDF files to the live SQL servers.
  • The solution allows users to migrate the data with schema and/or schema with data.
  • Users can copy SQL database from one server to another within the same network.
  • The feature to migrate data to an existing DB or creation of a new DB is also there.
  • It can easily migrate all the database objects like tables, rules, views, triggers, etc.
  • There’re several filters & advanced features present here to boost the task speed.
  • Repairs the corrupt database objects and then transfers them to a new server.
  • SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, etc are compatible.

In A Nutshell

After covering almost all of the crucial aspects of the solution, it’s time to conclude this article. This guide is enough for users to migrate SQL database from one server to another successfully. Evidently, selecting the automated solution is what users need. This is even better for new users as this method does not require core technicalities. A free demo version of the automated tool makes this best than others.