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Different Methodology to Solve MS Outlook Sending and Receiving Error

Outlook sending receiving error

Nowadays the business sectors are widely using the Outlook email client application. If you are working on a company with this Outlook email client application where you can see that at a certain situation you may face some issues. One of the main issues is that suppose you are a team leader and to do a task you have informed your team members via sending Mail. Unfortunately, you encounter a message like MS Outlook sending and receiving error. And another issue is that suppose if you have sent the Mail but due to corruption in your contact file, some of your members may not receive the Mail. Therefore, to avoid this situation everyone should opt for a fast and 100% error solution of Outlook. To know more in detail with the troubleshoot mechanism just go through this article.

Regular Tips: If you find that error message while sending and accepting Outlook Mails due to corruption in Outlook file then, generate the solution to make an error-free PST file with help of Outlook Recovery Tool.

Outlook sending and receiving eror

Troubleshooting: MS Outlook Sending and Receiving Error

To avoid the errors while sending and receiving one can choose the given methods. There is a different option available so that one can perform a solution and verify that whether its working or not by sending Mail again. If it doesn’t fix then they can opt their solution

Method#1: Check Your Internet Connection

  • Run your browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari).
  • Type www.google.com in the search bar and press Enter.
  • Search something on the search engine and then see the result is getting or not.
  • If the search is successful then there is no issues ion your net connection.

Method#2: Verify MS Outlook Configuration

To examine the Outlook Settings or the Outlook configuration do the following steps:

  • Check the ID of the configured Outlook.
  • Verify the type of protocol on your Mail account type i.e., IMAP, POP3, or HTTP.
  • Examine the credentials provided in Outlook.
  • The SMTP and POP3 server must have a name and corresponding address.
  • If necessary the users are capable to add the authentication to provide the security.
  • Also, verify the port number and profile in emails.

Method#3: Verify Anti-virus Manufacturing Site

Majority of the PC is installed with the anti-virus to scan and clean the attack from the virus attack or other trojan horses or worms etc. Suppose the main system is pre-installed with the anti-virus then the users must do some additional task. Which will helps to fix the MS Outlook sending and receiving error. Or to avoid that the user can turn off the anti-virus program.

Method#4: Avoid Unwanted Mailbox Emails

The MS Outlook is provided with an inbuilt feature of spamming. Still, there may encounter suspected emails in their account. Therefore, it is suggested to launch web mailing account and avoid all suspected Outlook email messages.

Method#5: Configure PC Firewall Applications

Check the firewall application and then check and permit MS Outlook.exe to work on the Internet or in Online. But the user must know the fact that there may chance of the virus attack or some masquerades on your system. Therefore, this method must be taken with your own risks.

Method#6: Work in Safe Mode of Outlook

Working in safe mode is another way that the user can fix MS Outlook sending and receiving error. This can be done by approaching the short-key method i.e by pressing Ctrl+ Windows icon on your keyboard. And finally, the program can be viewed with eliminated unnecessary add-ons.

Method#7: Use MAPI Repairing Tool

Another case of the MS Outlook send and receive error is caused due to corruption in the mapi32.dll. Therefore to fix this corruption it is better to run MAPI repair tool. To navigate this tool you can follow the below path:

C:\Winnt\System32 or C:\Windows\System32

Quick Look

For the professionals, the MS Outlook sending and receiving error is really simple to recover. But, if we consider the non-technical users, the solution to a minute errors will be really difficult for them. While this case happens they must approach a technically skilled person to fix such an error. Therefore, this article shows how to recover from such a situation and also they can find the cause of the problem like may be cut for their Internet access or due to improper configuration.

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