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Easiest Way to View or Open BKF File without NTBackup

Open BKF Files without NTBackup Utility

Nowadays, data plays an important role in everyone’s life whether it is personal or professional. Data can be of different kinds such as docs, images, videos, audios, etc. In order to keep the data safe, people are preserving the backup of data. So that they can get their data back after having any sudden disastrous situation regarding data loss, data and information corruption, etc.

But sometimes users also face several problems while trying to open Windows backup data files with NTBackup. Users may face difficulty while opening or restoring backup files in Windows systems due to different errors and other external issues. So in this write-up, we have provided the best solution to view and open BKF file without NTBackup. We have also tried to solved issues facing by most of the Windows users while opening data backup BKF files without any data loss. First, let us see the concept of BKF files.

What about NTBackup BKF Files in Windows? 

BKF files are created by NTBackup Utility in-built with Windows operating systems. It is the backup application provided by Microsoft Windows 1997. Later, it was reintroduced with its all subsequent version of Windows OS including XP, Vista, and Windows Server 2003. 

BKF is the backup file format that stores a backup of data. In the latest versions of Windows OS, inbuilt NTBackup utility does not exist now. But, still users can use this utility in the latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 by downloading files from the internet. These files consist of ntackup.exe and two related DLL files.

After downloading these files, users need to follow along and a time-consuming process to create and open backup files in the Windows system. But, sometimes files do not open and show errors due to different kinds of corruption reasons. The causes of data corruption and a list of errors are given in the next section.

Reasons and Causes of Data Corruption

There may be several reasons for the corruption of data files because of which users searching solution to open BKF file without NTBackup. Some of the causes given below –

  • Faulty Hard Disk – Damaged hard disk is one of the major reasons for data corruption. Corrupted hard drives lead to the corruption of data and information due to their vulnerabilities.
  • Virus Attacks – Applications and software installed into the system are prone to viruses which may affect other functions and data files stored in the system. The virus may affect the data severely. 
  • Hardware or Software Failure – Data corruption may take place due to hardware and software failure. Issues in the performance of the software or any hardware may affect the whole functioning and lead to information corruption.

List of Errors Occurs While Opening BKF Files

BKF files are prone to errors that can occur during the opening of BKF files. Some of them are as follows – 

  • “Failed to open File”
  • “Cannot open .bkf File”
  • “The Backup File is Unusable”
  • “An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media”, etc.

Above mentioned errors can take place during the opening and restoring BKF backup files in windows. While facing these errors and corruption issues, the user cannot view and open .bkf file using NTBackup utility. Instead, users can adopt trustworthy third-party software to open BKF files without any data loss.

How can we Open BKF File without NTBackup

BKF Viewer software is specially designed to open BKF files without any data loss. The software is capable enough to repair corrupt BKF files and restore it in healthy state. In this software, after scanning data files, users can preview BKF data files with its original format and structure.

Moreover, the software provides three Scan Mode options such as Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and Range Based Scan. User can choose one of the appropriate options which scanning the BKF files. It also provides the option to save resultant files at any existing desired location. By using this advanced utility, users can restore and open BKF files in just a few steps.

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Step by Step Solution to Restore & Open BKF File without NTBackup

Step 1 – Install the software on the system, and select the Scan File option to add files. 

Scan File

Step 2 – Choose the Scan Mode option (Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Range Based Scan), which one is suitable to provided BKF files.

 Scan Mode

Step 3 – After scanning file, the tool will extract files and display a preview of files. To save these files, right-click and select the option to Extract Files.

Extract Files

Step 4 – Tool will show the Extract Options, choose the required one, and Browse the Destination Location to save resultant files. Then click on the Extract option.

Browse the Destination Location

Step 5 – After extracting the files, the tool will display the Extracted Path where resultant files have been saved.

Extracted Path


If the user wants to view and open BKF file without NTBackup in Windows, then this recommended automated BKF Viewer Software tool is the perfect and best solution which is available for you. Users can download its demo version for free to know how to use it right away and test the performance.

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