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Know the Hassle-Free Solution to Remove Encrypted NSF File


“In my organization, there are few systems that are running Lotus Notes email application. However, the NSF files of the Lotus Notes are encrypted. It seems that the databases are locked, hence I cannot turn off the encryption of the NSF files. In the database, all the options which are used to modify the settings are greyed out. Additionally, I do not have any access to change the properties. Please let me know how to remove encrypted NSF file. I am kind of stuck at this point and do not know how to deal with the situation. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.”

Just like the above-stated user query, are you also undergoing the same instance? If yes, then do not worry. The problem is not troublesome as it looks like. We are here to help you know with the best solution to remove encryption from Lotus Notes database. This blog states both the manual and professional solutions to remove encrypted NSF file.

Lotus Notes or IBM Notes, which is now HCL Notes is a desktop-based email client that organizes the data of the user in the local workstation. It can also be referred to as the application suite which comprises of the components like email, address book, calendars, database, etc. The file formed in this email client is stored in the NSF file format. These NSF files can be prevented from unauthorized access by encrypting the file. But, many times the settings are disturbed and this feature can become a curse to the user.

A Result-Oriented Solution to Remove Encrypted NSF file

Users can avail the manual method, which is described in the upcoming section to remove encryption from the Lotus Notes database file. However, it comprises of a couple of shortcomings wherein it requires adequate technical expertise to perform the steps, and also one needs to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to implement the steps.

Concerning these hurdles, it is best recommended by the experts to make use of Lotus Notes Migration Tool, which is a 100% reliable and secure utility. The software is incorporated with advanced features that let users remove encrypted NSF files in a seamless way. The user interface of the tool is quite user-friendly that enables even a novice user to decrypt Lotus Notes NSF file at ease.

remove encryption from NSF file

Some Manual Workaround to Decrypt NSF Lotus Notes File

The complete procedure to remove encryption from NSF file manually is discussed in the following section. It depends upon users whether they want to remove the encryption from the entire NSF data or some selective data. It is to be noted down that if a user wants to remove encryption from all the documents, it will be removed from sent, saved and received documents.

Method 1: Steps to Remove Encrypted NSF File From All or Selected Files

Follow the given set of instructions to decrypt entire or selected NSF database:

Make sure that the attribute for encrypting the saved email is disabled. This can be done by:

1. Switch to Files tab followed by Preferences >> User Preferences >> Mail >> Encrypt Mail that you send

2. Now, make the agent or icon, known as SmartIcons which is capable to run the @command([ToolsRefreshAllDocs]) or @command([ToolsRefreshSelectedDocs]), according to your need

Note: It is a mandatory to set the Target Property to None while creating an agent.

3. Execute the icon or agent you made in the second step. If you are willing to decrypt the selected documents, make sure you have selected the documents to remove encryption from NSF file.

4. This procedure will help the user to make the necessary changes in the database. It is also helpful in removing any signature from documents

Note: Apply the icon FIELD MailOption:=0; before refreshing any of the documents to prevent the commands from resenting mail messages from the user mail files.

Method 2: To Remove Encrypted NSF Files From Individual Documents

1. From your mail file, choose the encrypted message. Switch to the Actions menu, Select Forward >> Delivery Options >> Basics Panel.

2. This is followed by deselecting the Encrypt option and at last click OK. And, send the memo to yourself to remove encrypted NSF file.

Though the manual method is free of cost, it constitutes some drawbacks. Hence, users do not find it suitable to remove Encrypted NSF file from Lotus Notes Databases. An alternative method is also explained above to overcome the limitations of the manual approach.

The Final Words

Lotus Notes provides an option to encrypt the NSF file in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the confidential data. However, in some instance, this feature turns out to be fatal in the case of removing encryption from Lotus Notes database.

Therefore, this blog states the best approaches using both manual and automated workaround to remove encrypted NSF file. Users can choose any of these techniques, which proves best in decrypting the protected Lotus Notes NSF file.