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Lotus Notes Migration Tool – Best Solution to Export Lotus Notes Database

Lotus Notes Migration Tool

Lotus Notes works as a pillar to many users and business firms due to its administration style and high-security features. Apart from this, IBM Notes stores its mailbox data in an exclusive association named as NSF file format. Lotus Notes is not just an email client it can act as a Personal Address book manager, Mail Electronic Communication software, Work Flow Management tool, etc. All such features make this application more professional among the users. But as the functionality increases, the complexity of using them also increases. Due to which, users have to go through more technicalities even for a simple communication. However, there are many other email applications available that offer simple and efficient email communication compared to Lotus Notes. Therefore, most of the users want to switch from Lotus Notes or Domino Server to some other emailing service. Now, to have an easy migration from Lotus Notes, one can use the Lotus Notes Migration tool ( SysTools Mail Migration Wizard ). This software allows users to export Lotus Notes to three major email platforms in just a few simple clicks.

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A Quick Glance at Domino Mail Conversion Utility

This software is a special utility that facilitates users to switch from Lotus Notes to some other emailing service like Live Exchange Server, Outlook, and Office 365. Using this application, a user can migrate all data items such as email, calendars, tasks, etc., of Lotus Notes. It is also capable to remove encryption from NSF email messages during the migration process. However, if a user wants, then he/ she can export multiple NSF files in batch also. Its user-friendly interface makes this application stands above all other available migration tools. It is so simple and easy-to-use that even a normal user with minimum technical knowledge can use it without any expert help. Apart from all this, the software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

Advance Features Offered By Lotus Notes Migration Tool

This Lotus Notes Migration tool is designed in such a manner that it permits users to export NSF file to various application i.e., Exchange Server, Outlook, and Office 365. A user needs to have Lotus Notes and other respective application installed on the machine to perform a migration. The software supports all versions of Exchange Server and Outlook. In the case of Notes to Office 365 migration, credentials of O365 account are mandatory.

With the help of this software, a user can directly migrate Domino Server mailbox. While doing so, Domino Server environment, Exchange Server platform, and Outlook installation are required in the case of respective migration. In addition, it allows mailbox mapping also in the case of Domino conversion. In the case of Outlook, the tool will create separate PST file for each Domino mailbox.

  • Option to Export Multiple NSF Files in Batch

Using this Domino Mail Conversion Utility, a user can both client or server mailboxes without any limitation. It is designed in such a manner that if a user wants, then he/ she can export multiple NSF files to various applications in batch. This application has a step by step procedure to migrate NSF files or Lotus Domino Server mailboxes in bulk. The simple and easy user interface makes the tool easy to convert NSF File to Outlook in bulk.

  • Migrate Selective Data Using Different Filters

Another major benefit of using this Lotus Notes Migration tool us that it allows users to migrate selective data from NSF files using various filters. This will save lots of time and prevent unnecessary data conversion. A user can select the data item from the category list and apply the date-based filter on them in order to migrate data from a specific date range. For example, choose calendar and define the date range, the software will export calendars within that range only.

  • Option to Eliminate Duplicate Contacts

It can also be possible that one contact is stored many times in the NSF file, which a user does not want to migrate. Thus, to overcome this situation, one can use this Lotus Notes Migration tool. It provides an option to delete duplicate contacts while migrating NSF file to other application. A user just needs to check this option before starting the Lotus Notes export process. The tool will delete all copies of multiple contacts and migrate them once only.

  • Export All Data Items from NSF File

This Domino Mail Conversion Utility is programmed in a way that a user can migrate Lotus Notes NSF file or Domino mailboxes to three major email platforms. During the export process, it migrates all data items available in the Lotus Notes mailboxes. It includes emails, calendars, tasks, journals, contacts, notes etc. One can even check or uncheck the data items in order to perform selective data migration.

Merits and Demerits of Using Lotus Notes Migration Tool

  1. The software provides users an option apply filters on mailbox items based on date and time during IBM Notes mailbox migration.
  2. MS Outlook installation and Exchange Server environment is necessary to move Notes mailboxes to Exchange/ Outlook.
  3. It also lets users exclude all unwanted folders before export process via filters to save the storage space.

The Final Verdict

Lotus Notes email application is quite complex to use for normal emailing purpose due to which users want to switch from it. Depending upon the need of users, their choice of migration also varies. Therefore, keeping some common requirement of users in mind, SysTools has developed Lotus Notes Migration tool. This software allows users to export Notes mailbox data to three main emailing platforms. this application provides many different options to its users in order to perform migration based on their choice. Keeping all such type of benefits in mind, this Domino Mail Conversion Utility can be rated as 9.7 out of 10.

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