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Know How to Resolve SQL Server Page Level Corruption

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
Mack John
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Published On July 31st, 2021
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SQL Server Page Level Corruption is faced due to numerous reasons that mainly cover the hardware related problems such as:

  • Failure of some hardware
  • Hard Disk working failure
  • Establishment of improper network
  • Issues of logical level

All these are the circumstances that give a rise to invalid messages while working on SQL server database resulting in the distortion.

The discussed circumstances result in the SQL Server page corruption. Moreover, these are also responsible for making error 823 as well. Thereafter, SQL initiates to perform it’s I/O level of operations from API (Application Programming Interface) of Windows. The Server checks on each API and gives an instantly reports an error on getting any inconsistency.

Restore Page Corruption in SQL Server 2012/2008 – Accurate Time

Page restoration is a process, which means for setting isolated pages when at the damaged condition. Reinstating or recovering a countable number of pages is rapidly executable related to whole file restoration. The process decreases the amount of data that is offline at the time of repair. However, while restoring SQL server page level corruption in batch from the database file, repairing the complete DB is somewhat recommended. Assume some pages on the device are directing an incomplete failure of the device then, one must consider restoring file immediately. If it is done on diverse location then, it would be extremely effective, as it will offer a better chance of fixing the device.

Moreover, restore is not essentially an option for all types of page-linked errors. An issue can also arise within the cached copy of data such as an alternative index. Such problem can be fixed with simple recalculation of complete data. For instance, admin of database drops in an inferior index as well as rebuilds it. Yet corrupted data is fixed, it is not stated within table – suspected_pages.

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Execute Page Restore Due to SQL Server Page Level Corruption

Analysis of corruption of page is a primary step of restore execution. For allocating with the corruption of SQL Server database, the most businesses are prepared with eventuality plans. Otherwise, any of the Server Pro would rapidly ready with the quantity of strategies to challenge the situation at hand. DB mirroring, DR plans, Always-On, replication, etc., are some common plans that any admin or pro would be prepared with immediately. However, not all these may be appropriate in all conditions.

In the instance of an error, it is clear that integrity of SQL Server has cooperated. Thus, it needs to be fixed. Irrespective of what the issue is, the first solution, which comes to mind, is – Restore. Yet, in the situation of SQL Server, restore page corruption in SQL server 2012/2008 is categorized into numerous of classifications. It includes the following:

  • Setting SQL database to the mode of single-user.
  • Tail backup of log database for all transactions supported out since the backup of the last log.
  • Execute full backup restoration from the current date.
  • Reinstate every hour, 4 transact log files.
  • Reestablish tail log backup till the date of corruption.
  • Execute check on the database by DBCC Check.


The page restore can be performed in case of broken file pages, but there are some limitations, which may keep you from executing so.

  • Only all those databases, which are utilizing any of two recovery models- bulk logged or full, are only appropriate for page restore procedure. Only read or write file groups upkeep page restore.
  • Restoration of Page only put on to database pages but not following:
    • Catalog of full-text based
    • Database of transaction log
    • Page 1:9 that shows database boot page
    • Page 0 of all files as it is file boot page
    • Allocation pages – PFS, SGAM, and GAM

TIP: The best way while implementing SQL server page level corruption restore procedure is to allocate database to full restore model. Then, try to create log backup. In case, backup works properly then, it is safe to continue page restore, otherwise one should avoid.
In case, there is a backup failure then, you are supposed to face either of the conditions:

Loss of data, which was done in the last log backup
Instead, you can try DBCC with the syntax of REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS with the main risk of losing corrupt data in the procedure.

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Summing Up

As discussed above a complete description of SQL Server page level corruption in SQL database along with its resolution. However, there are some limitations of executing such a process. Therefore, there is an expert suggestion that one can utilize the third party utility that is suggested above to resolve page corruption in SQL server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008. It makes easy to remove the corruption issue and gets back the data in a healthy form.