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SSO for Education – A Modern Way of Managing Students Data in Schools

SSO For Education

Not only health care or IT domains are there who are seeking cloud computing solutions. Schools are also present in the crowd of adopting online technology in a secure manner. Single Sign-on or SSO for education enables users to hold one set of credentials for accessing on all the educational applications. This simplifies the work of school committee by providing a systematic and proper way protect information on the cloud. School authorities can enter the gate of CloudCodes to achieve Single Sign-On for educational purpose. The entire post is going to tell officials importance of SSO in education field and brief them with a suitable SSO software, present in the marketplace.

Role of SSO for Education Institutions

In majority cases, it is found that teachers get frustrated when they are asked to remember passwords of applications. Work becomes difficult for them because school management restricts them from writing down the account credentials on a copy or anywhere else. As per the perspective of school management system, security is major concern because of which they restrict teachers from saving password in any second place. But, faculties are already loaded with other sorts of regular works that remembering account password in mind is a headache for them. It is the duty of school authorities to think over it in deep and adopt SSO for education solution.

From teacher’s perspective, the major advantage of using SSO is convenience. No longer they have to struggle with remembering several passwords. This will save time in day-to-day work and studies to students will be delivered in a more effective manner. Talking about the security perspective then, Single Sing-On for educational purpose comprises of two major benefits.

  • It reduces the risks up to major extent because only one point user access minimizes the user’s likelihood
  • Imposing SSO in business is a major part of compliance protocols. It can be streamlined with the origination of agreement terms and conditions to comply with security standards and audits.

CloudCodes SSO Solution in School and Colleges

CloudCodes solution creates a new unified communication system for schools and colleges to consolidate the entire procedure in an easy manner. After all, if things are complicated, surely they will result in stress and frustrating situations. In today’s world of digitization, no one wants to compromise cloud security, data privacy, and compliance issues. CloudCodes overcomes cloud computing security challenges or problems associated with SSO for education. Customers will be able to access their student information system and authentication machine with SSO application. This offers a simple and secure relation between school/college & parents. Such a relationship causes dramatic impact on the overall business growth because communication means to become easier.

A single sign-on solution should be the one, which is easily compatible with rules and regulations defined by school committee. These regulations might alter with update in generation therefore, SSO software should be capable enough to adopt changes easily and rapidly. It is important to enhance the power of plugging into the communication of the school ecosystem. CloudCodes consider establishing connections with authentication systems and SIS. It analysis the software used in the client’s school and accordingly design the solution. Schools, app development system, records of staff, students, and parents, all things are managed within one single SSO for education system. This provides a centralized access to multiple software related to the educational purpose.

Benefits Offered by CloudCodes SSO for Education Utility

Schools or colleges will be able to reduce financing and develop with trending technology. IT industries use SSO to maintain the directory control, achieve compliance, and synchronize passwords. Similarly, educational institutions can use cloud security solutions to secure and manage admission procedures, student academic record, parents and staff data, etc. CloudCodes not only renders SSO for education in its software but also profit customers with following security solutions:

  • Real-Time User Access – Enable school higher authorities to view and audit logs performed with school data in on-premises and off-premises
  • MDM and Shadow IT – Ensure security by providing access to teachers and parents to work with school app from any geolocation
  • Cloud DLP Policies – Achieve strong security on parents, staffs, and students record to prevent them from Cyberattacks
  • Access Control – Restrict users with the use of specific amount of educational content, which is stored on cloud


SSO for education is a new way of managing schools and colleges data on the cloud. This reduces efforts of remembering passwords of multiple accounts and renders flexibility in work. It enables teachers to focus more on student’s education rather than getting engaged in school rules and regulations for cloud security purpose.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.