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Learn the Best Way to Upload PST File to Office 365 without any Hassle


This guide comprises the most efficient way to upload PST file to Office 365 account. Discover, several methods and tools that can help you to upload PST to office 365 without outlook user accounts.

What is PST File?

PST file is also known as Personal-Storage-Table is a file format to store Outlook mailbox data (for both MS Outlook & Office 365). The PST files get stored in different work systems and not on any secured & centralized servers.

Outlook PST file contains emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. You can use these files for sharing and backup purposes.

Why Upload PST file to Office 365 is Important?

There are many organizations either big or small, were using Microsoft Outlook email clients as their preferred way of email communication. But, as the technology is increasing, most Outlook users start thinking about switching the cloud based email client.

The most preferable cloud email client for desktop Outlook users is Office 365, which is the web version of Outlook. Office 365 is mostly preferred because the interface of Office 365 Outlook is quite similar to that of MS Outlook. This is why many Outlook users look for solutions to upload PST to Office 365 account. 

  • Being a web-based suite, Office 365 users can access their email, contacts, calendar as well as a document from anywhere and any time.
  • Office 365 provides many benefits to its users like great security, MS Office-suite applications, and many such more, owing of which upload PST to Office 365 always seems a profit proposition to many users.
  • In those enterprises, where MS Outlook is used for storing all important customer-info, crucial employees’ data, confidential marketing plans, corporate financial details, etc., all this data and info is stored in PST files. For avoiding data loss risks due to PST corruption, and also to avert the loss caused due to inevitable data-stealing, many such firms decide to transfer PST files to O365 for keeping their critical data safe and secure.
  • A great benefit rendered to Office 365 users is its suitability with various storage plans for meeting the varied needs of different organizations of different sizes.

Best Methods to Upload PST to Office 365 without Outlook

When it comes to executing this task, then there are two options, either use manual methods or take the help of automated tools in the market for quick and easy data transfer.

Generally, there are two methods to upload PST file to Office 365 Outlook, which are; Network Upload and Drive Shipping. We have also listed all the methods with an automated tool which is the best alternative for manual solutions.

#1: Upload PST File to Office 365 Using Network Upload

To perform this operation with maximum safety, the user needs to first upload the PST file in MS Azure storage and then use Office 365 Import Service for importing the PST file into O365 user mailboxes.

This method requires good knowledge of the working of Office 365 Admin center as well as PowerShell commands. You can read the below article to understand the working of Network upload.

Limitation: The aforementioned method is currently available in limited parts of the world. If import service is not available in your region then you need to opt for a different procedure. 

#2: Drive Shipping Method to Import PST Files into Microsoft Office 365

In case, if the user doesn’t wanna go through the complex process of Network upload, Microsoft provided another method; which is Drive sipping.

In this method users need to copy pst files into a hard disk drive; this has been encrypted for the purpose of protection from any unintended and unauthorized access. The drive has to be shipped physically to Microsoft Corporation, and from there, the Datacenter branch routes the copy, which is the same as that has been stated in the 1st process above. For this task, Microsoft will charge 2$ per GB of a PST file.

#3: Automated Solution to Upload PST File to Office 365

For avoiding limitations and complexities of the manual solutions, users can take the help of professional software like SysTools Office 365 Import tool for Outlook to Office 365 Migration. Endowed with an effective feature-set, these tools are professional in nature so provide an easy way of importing multiple PST files into Office 365 in bulk with much less effort and much less time consumption.

There are many vendors offering such tools, and out of all these, SysTools software is the one that the market loves and admires for its foolproof and impeccable solutions. As during the uploading process, this automated tool provides various exceptional features such as:

  • Upload PST files to Office 365 with or without an Admin account
  • Multiple options for uploading and mapping PST files to user accounts
  • Incremental import option to skip already transfer data from PST files
  • Category and Date filters for transferring selective data.
  • Include/Exclude option for Deleted and Sent mailbox data
  • Option to create an Office 365 mailbox with the same name as PST file.
  • Upload PST to Office 365 shared mailboxes using Admin account.
  • Much more…

Steps to Import PST to Office 365 User Accounts are:

  1. First, Install the Office 365 Import Software on your system. 
  2. Choose the Login option: ‘Is Admin’ for login as Administrator or skip.
  3. Upload PST files using Add File/Folder option
  4. Enter the User id for each PST file and authenticate (enter password if login without Admin)
  5. Select the Category of Items to import from PST file & Set Date-filter.
  6. Use Advance filtering options and click on the Import button to upload PST file to Office 365 without any hassle.


In this blog, we have talked about two approaches to upload PST file to Office 365 without Outlook. One is the manual approach, which is free but has certain limitations.

The second one is more of an expert solution i.e. to use expertly created tools by professionals to carry out a seamless process for importing multiple PST files into Office 365. 


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