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Website Security: Tips and Tricks to Keep Website Safe in 2019

Website Security - Tips and Tricks

In today’s guide, we are going to spread knowledge on how to achieve website security in business to work on online websites securely. Readers are going to track common websites attacks and measures to secure their websites.

An Introduction to Website Security

Prior to entering into the topic on how to protect a website, it is essential to first learn the method of data traveling over the internet. The term ‘web hosting’ means that your files of a website are placed on the service constructed for rapid transfer times. You can host your own website but, without a sophisticated networking and excellent server hardware used by the best web hosting vendor, it is not practical for security or speed. When users access their website, it establishes a connection with the server and starts downloading the documents on a temporary basis. It is done to display the required information on the website, which is being stored on the server. To and fro motion of data transfer takes place in the form of packets – small data bundles that include information for the transfer.

That opens the door for vulnerabilities! Prevention can give a path to ‘who is establishing’ as well as ‘what sort of server they are connecting’, to pass a ‘spoof packet’ that can cause malware onto the server of PC. These two scenarios are impossible to occur if encryption algorithms on the cloud data are enforced to achieve website security. Web-based attacks not only lead to an issue to a particular website but, it might also result in the exposure of customers’ personal information and companies’ secret documents.

Two Common Threats That Occur on A Website

Following listed are some of the common threats, which a person encounters at the website setup time:

  • Spam – This website security threat is an intentional attempt to disturb the ranking of search engine for particular keyword phrase queries or keywords. There are two consequences associated with spam –
    • First is speed! If end users register on any website to post their comment, the database of individuals that this particular website carries could smoothly be gummed up.
    • The links published by spam bots can be malicious that is actually a big problem. Other individuals may click on this sort of link and hence, permit malware to enter into the target machine just after the installation.
  • DDoS Attacks – In recent years, DDoS attacks have received much more press – mainly because of the Operation Payback, which aims at the major outlet of credit cards like Mastercard and Visa inaction of the attempt of United State’s government to censor Wikileaks. Well, a denial-of-service attack is a cloud computing threat in which the intruder tries to create a network or machine resource unavailable for its targeted users. This can be performed by disrupting web-hosted services on a temporary or indefinite basis.

Simple But, Effective Measures For Website Security

Sometimes the best approaches to overcome security challenges are the simplest ones. People are already known from the fact that they have to keep their website safe from internet attackers but, once a small chance to attackers is given, no one can stop threat occurrence. Well, following are the best measures to be followed to enhance the website security in a business:

  • Enforce Encryption Algorithms – No matter whether the data is in rest or transmit mode, end users have to enforce encryption algorithms to protect website along with its content. Also, SSL encryption method can be used on login pages because it enables crucial information to be transmitted in a secured manner. This prevents attackers from addressing the website login credentials of targeted consumers and protect private information as well.
  • Use A Strong Password Policy – It is essential to use strong security password. Usually, attackers make use of sophisticated products that use brute force method to crack passwords. To be safe from such kind of scenario, users have to adopt complex and multilingual passwords that they can remember easily. At least, the password length should be 8 characters (or more); comprising of special symbols, numbers, uppercase alphabet(s), and lowercase letters. Organizational authorities have to ensure that they have to maintain this password policy in their entire premises all the time.
  • Keep the Products Updated – Website security demands for a secure and updated platform to work without any risk of Cyber threat. In majority cases, it is simple for hackers to target those individuals whose device’s applications are not updated with the latest security measures. Users generally have the bad habit of ignoring app updates due to which their device suffers from low-security strength. Therefore, always keep the software of your device updated to maintain and achieve a strong security level.
  • Scan Website to Fix Vulnerabilities – It is essential to periodically perform a website security scanning operation to check vulnerabilities if any. This scanning operation should be attempted on a time-to-time basis. There are several free products available on the internet, which users can utilize to measure the websites protection level. These products can provide a useful review to their customers but, they would not address all flaws present on the website. To fix this problem, we recommend you to use a cloud access security broker solutions and outsource the security to third-party.

Observational Verdict

Without proper website security, companies cannot grow their business broadly. It is an essential need in today’s digitization scenario because all things are getting digital and simultaneously online attacks are also increasing. Therefore, instead of avoiding security point, organizations should take this aspect seriously to spread and develop their business in the current digital market.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.