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Make a Successful Move from Windows Live Mail to Gmail


In today’s modern era users are switching from desktop-based email client to web-based email client. It is because while using a cloud service, a user can easily access their mailbox data from anywhere at any time without any dependency. Moreover, there is less chance of data loss as the cloud is more secure than desktop-based application. Based on all these points, users are frequently querying about how to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Gmail in a seamless manner. As it is clear one is desktop based application and other is web-based, so migration between them will not be that easy. Thus, considering this requirement of users, we have covered both manual and professional solution to upload EML files to Gmail.

“I am using WLM for a long time and now I find this application a little bit outdated. So, I want to move to a cloud-based application i.e. Gmail. Now I am looking for the solution that let me move from Window Live Mail to Gmail. If anyone out there knows any solution, then please let know. It will be a great help.”

Manual Method to Migrate From WLM to Gmail

There is no direct manual method available that a user can use to convert Windows Live Mail to Gmail account. A user needs to perform the same conversion in two different parts:

  • Convert WLM to PST
  • Import PST to Gmail

Step 1: Export WLM to Outlook PST Format

To migrate WLM files to Gmail account, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, open Outlook and WLM application simultaneously
    2. Then, in the WLM, click on the File tab and choose Export button
    3. Now, under the Export dialog box, choose the Email Messages option.
    4. Next, choose Microsoft Exchange option and click Next to proceed further
    5. After that, Export Message dialog box will pop-up
    6. Then, click on the OK button
    7. Next, you need to choose the selective folders or all folders to continue and click OK
    8. As you click on the OK button, the export process will be started
    9. When the export process is completed successfully, a message will pop-up on the screen
    10. At last, click on the Finish button and end the export process.

Step 2: Import PST to Gmail via GAMMO Tool

After that, a user needs to extract the PST file from Outlook in order to import it to Gmail. Now, to transfer PST file to Gmail, a user needs to use GAMMO tool by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, download and install Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GAMMO), a desktop-based application on the local machine
  • After that, open GAMMO tool and quickly login into it with your Gmail account by entering valid credentials and click on the Continue button
  • Then, a Window will pop-up, click on the Continue button to proceed further
  • Now, choose the From PST File(s) option from the available list of options and navigate to the location where PST file is stored. Choose the Outlook data file and click on the Open button. Do not forget to check the Migrate All Data option and click on Next
  • Next, it’s time to choose the data item from PST file that you want to import to Gmail account. By default, Microsoft Outlook chooses email, messages, calendar, contacts and rest depends upon your choice. Click on the Migrate button and begin the migration process
  • When the import process completed, a window will appear with Migration Complete message. Simply click on the OK button and finish the process successfully.

Limitations of Manual Solution

This manual method will let you move from Windows Live Mail to Gmail but it is not a perfect way of doing so. First of all, it is not a direct solution, it needs to be performed in two different parts. Moreover, the process is quite long and consumes so much of time. It requires a user to be technically strong to perform this migration is a proper way. Thus, a user is advised to look for some alternative for the same.

Perfect Solution to Switch Windows Live Mail Data to Gmail

To migrate from WLM to Gmail account in a seamless manner, a user is suggested to use some professional solution. EML to Gmail Importer is one of such utilities that let users forward emails from Windows Live Mail to Gmail in just a few simple clicks. Using this application, a user can easily import all emails from WLM to Gmail in an effortless manner. It let users perform the selective migration and maintain all attributes also. Apart from all this, one can use this application on any version of Microsoft Windows OS.


Keeping the requirement of users in mind to migrate from a desktop-based email client to a cloud-based application, we have discussed some solutions above. A complete manual solution to move from Windows Live Mail to Gmail is covered. In addition, a professional solution is also suggested that a user can try to have an effortless migration.



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