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Get To Know About One of The Best Managed Security Services Provider In India

SysTools Managed Security Services Provider

Are you unable to determine the best managed security services provider in India? Are the things getting difficult and complicated to achieve the best-suited cloud MSS for your firm? Don’t worry here, we are with helping organizations to learn about a topmost trusted MSSP in India. SysTools Managed Security Service Providers is one of the best MSSPs.

An Overview on Managed Security Services

Cloud MSS is a systematic measure to manage all the computing security requirements in an organization. This service can be organized on the premises or outsourced to a trustworthy provider, which only deals with companies network and information system security. It provides following basic security measures on shared basis in an enterprise:

  • Information monitoring and management
  • Threat detection and remediation
  • Data monitoring and management
  • Deep research on threat intelligence
  • Risk and compliance management methods

A number of vendors provide different products to help in organizing and guiding procedures involved behind managed security services.

A Brief Intro on Managed Security Services Provider in India

Managed security service providers (or MSSPs) are IT service firms, which are having specialization in rendering security-as-a-service offerings for its clients. A broad and generalized security suite with computing capabilities and services are rendered in this service. The existence of MSSPs started from the year 1998 but, its wide emergence took place with recent rise in use of cloud computing. A managed security services provider will be able to step in several client’s choke points, helping them in:

  • Giving an expertise level security to business data
  • Instant response on latest malware and Cyber threats
  • Keeping security updates to beat the trending web attacks
  • Scale up the existing level of enterprise cloud data security
  • Additional security layer to fill an internal IT skills gap

A cloud MSSP takes over security and always be proactive. They are having capability of filling gaps and provide backup like monitoring and altering when employees are working in off-hours. There are several managed security service providers available in the Indian market and among all, one of the best is SysTools MSSP.

Why SysTools Managed Security Service Providers?

SysTools – An all-in-one cloud MSS deals with all the requirements for real-time business security, enabling protection in SaaS. Its basic service involves assessing of cloud information security fundamentals and then, implementing all the core solutions. These approaches will fill up the gaps that are mandatory to prevent Cyber threats. Following services are rendered by SysTools MSSP:

  • Expert team scaling down extra costs and optimizing industry’s availability and productivity
  • Time-to-time update in threat and intrusion detection system in off-premises as well as on-premises environment
  • Protection over implementation and management endpoints
  • Applying basic and advance data loss prevention techniques
  • 365*24*7 network monitoring and threat protection
  • Management of the Active Directory

SysTools Managed Security Services Provider stands out as one stop shop where all online business data protection services are offered at one place.

Cloud MSSs Offered by SysTools

  1. Endpoint Security Service: In the Indian online market, several endpoint solutions claim to give 99% of threat protection. But what about the 1%? Filling this chance of 1%, SysTools Managed Security Services Provider gives everything needed for endpoint security. It renders a deep visibility and control over organizational data. An antivirus app and Data loss prevention technique is applied by this one of the best MSSP in India to reduce all possible chances of data breaches. The continuous system track and records of all machines and data are proven under SysTools services, in off-premises as well as on-premises environment.
  2. Cloud Data Security Service: The managed security service provider joined hands with one of the leading CASB cloud service in the world i.e., CloudCodes. This strengthens the information security and eliminates the extra IT costs to deal with Cyber threats. It minimizes the impact of enhanced IT threats by providing flexible security services. The highest level of security standards are leveraged by SysTools MSSP with no additional investment for them.
  3. Digital Forensic Service: SysTools itself is a popular name in the field of digital forensics. As a service in Digital forensic field, it guarantees that computerized evidence will be in their original format. Email forensics, free file viewers, etc., are available in its services. These will help a Cyber investigator to identify and analyze suspected information to determine evidence from it. Also, a team of digital forensic experts is rendered by SysTools for helping legal authorities in determining the culprit.
  4. Security Operations Center: A proper security operation center is offered by SysTools Managed Security Services Provider, which will monitor, asset, and defend business online data. Here, dealing with all the security troubles in an organization will take place and an expert team will try to troubleshoot the issue at the initial level. It will not hamper the ongoing work when monitoring will take place at SoC. Also, there will be no impact on data integrity when SoC executives will be diagnosing a threat.


It is difficult to determine the best managed security services provider in India. Lots of security-as-a-service firms are available, putting enterprises in a state to think that ‘what to choose or what not to’. Well, one can rely of SysTools MSSP because it is already providing services worldwide to many large organizations and is trusted by them.

As a Technical Person, Ugra Narayan Pandey has experience of more than 7 years and he is now working as a cloud security expert & technical analyst.