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Best Software to Block USB Ports For Windows 10, 8, & 7?

Best Software to USB Ports

Overview:- USB Port Blocker also known as USB Block or USB Locker Software, actually helps to BLOCK down the USB port from every unknown and un-trusted device. You can easily block or unblock devices whenever you want while utilizing this application. In this way, you tend to secure your endpoints from any malware that can be the responsible factor for the USB attack. Therefore, in this post, we will explain the Best Software to Block USB Ports in brief.

Why Do We Need to Lock Our USB Ports?

Nowadays we tend to perform the connection of all external devices using a USB Port. Generally, it has become difficult for us to identify the intention of the various device due to the existing malware on the firmware of the operating system. Also, you cannot make any difference by just simply scanning these devices. Moreover, the software patches cannot take care of its security. It has become essential for us to Lock USB ports on our computers with the help of the Best Software to Block USB Ports.

What is the Best Software to Block USB Ports on Computer on Windows 10?

SysTools USB Blocker Software is one the best USB Block application. It can easily block and unblock all the ports on the user’s machine. Nonetheless, it comes with all the functionality of blocking the USB ports to restrict any kind of flash drive or pen drive. Users can protect their systems against any data leaks via a removable device. That is why we highly recommend setting up a password to block all the USB ports.



It is also important to utilize a single password to block and unblock any USB ports every time, in a way to improve the security of crucial data. The best thing about this software is that it is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, so any user can utilize this utility.

Not only that, its other essential feature allows users to protect more than one device at once and lock more USB ports. All you have to do is install this software on each system to secure your data.

The Best Features of this Application:-

The Best Software to Block USB Ports offers a wide range of features, such as:-

1. Blocks System USB Ports

This USB Block Software serves the very important function of blocking USB ports that restricts unwanted users from utilizing USB devices on them. Such as Flash drives, Pen Drives and USB Drives, and many more. Along with that, there will no data extraction from your system in your absence. Therefore, it is possible to lock all the USB ports present on the device at once just by using this utility.

2. Compatible With Windows OS

The Best USB Lock Software works evenly with all versions of Windows OS. Despite what version the user is currently using. This tool will run on all. Hence, it supports Windows such as Vista, ME, NT, 7,8, 8.1, 10, and its other previous versions as well. Users just have to run this application and provide credentials on any system that has USB ports. This tool will work like a magic and will instantly block all the ports at once.

3. Works on Multiple Systems

Moreover, this application is highly advanced and at the same time capable to block or unblock infinite USB ports
of multiple devices such as Laptops or Computers. You have to install this Best Software to Block USB ports on all machines to lock or unlock ports as per your requirement.

4. Interactive User’s Interface

This program is built with a modern yet simple user-friendly interface. And both technical and non-technical users can easily use this tool. Furthermore, users can lock all of their ports so no one can carry out any data items on removable media without their permission. For this, all users have to do is set up a password and enter it whenever they want to unlock their ports and after that, they can use their USB port.

5. Stand Alone Software

There is absolutely no need for any other external software or any plug-ins while utilizing this software. This USB Block Software itself is self-sufficient.

How to Utilize the Best Software to Block USB Ports? Explain?

Execute these below-mentioned instructions:-

1. To begin with, Download and Run this application on your operating system.

2. After that, Enter your Password & Email address and then Machine User name along with Machine password.

enter your password and email address

3. Now, in order to block your USB port simply click on the Block option from the context menu.

 Hit on the Block option to block your USB ports.

4. Upon clicking Unblock option, the utility then asks for the password. This is the password that users have entered on the first screen.

 Enter your password that you have entered on the first screen. After that confirm the password and hit on ok button.

5. To unblock your ports all you have to do is simply press on the Unblock option from the context menu.

 Click on Unblock option to unlock your USB ports.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

Ques 1. Does this software also block USB mice and Keyboards?

Ans. Yes, the main functionality of this tool is to block all the USB ports. So, any USB device such as Mouse and Keyboard will not function in your system.

Ques 2. How Can I Change the Program Password?

Ans. If you want to change your Software password, click on the program options. After this, hit on the change password option. Now, write down your new password after confirming it, and press the OK button.

Ques 3. Is it Possible to Unblock my USB ports with this Application?

Ans. Yes absolutely. You can easily unblock all your USB ports using this Best Software to Block USB Ports.

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