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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat from USB Drive Quickly?

Written By Aswin Vijayan
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Published On February 8th, 2024
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What happens to a file when you delete it from a pen drive? Do you know how to recover deleted WhatsApp chat from USB drive? If not, then users are the flawless place. Today, with the assistance of this write-up, we are going to let you know how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup. Simply go through the whole blog to understand more.

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USB Drive

USB drives are the most commonly used storage device these days across the world. All the users desire this because of its advanced functionalities. Mostly, it is used to backup or transfer important data and store data files like videos and photos. It also consists of amazing portability, durability, etc. But, apart from its marvelous features, it also involves some constraints. Essentially, if a pen drive is highly affected by the virus, it may lead to a data loss issue. In these circumstances, users find an alternative technique to resolve the issue, i.e., how to restore deleted WhatsApp chat from pen drive.

Data loss problems on USB drives occur because of many causes, like accidental deletion, intentional deletion, virus or malware attack, highly corrupted media, and human error. But now there is no need to feel tension. Because of this, we have come up with an instant way to restore deleted messages without backup from USB drive. So, in the upcoming segment, we are going to discuss the resolution to recover deleted messages without backup from USB drive. Let’s have a look.

Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted Whatsapp Messages

In this segment, we are going to discuss how to retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp using CMD and also recover deleted pictures from Computer recycle bin. This manual method is described as a proper method. Simply follow all the steps to get a better result.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat from USB Drive without Backup Using CMD

  • First of all, attach the USB drive into your local machine
  • Then, navigate to the Start button, and after that, right-click on it.
  • Now, hit on Command Prompt Administrator. Then, the CMD will open . Restore Deleted Messages without Backup
  • Here, input the pen drive letter in the provided field, like H, and then press the Enter key to proceed forward. Recover Deleted Messages without Backup
  • Subsequently, type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, and press the Enter key. Afterward, wait for some time. Recover Deleted Whatsapp Chat from USB Drive
  • Lastly, check the USB flash drive, and your deleted files will be restored appropriately.

What If Manual Way Is Not Working Properly?

The above-stated manual solution is not applicable in three circumstances. Those are listed below.

  • Recover permanently deleted Messages from pen drive
  • Can I transfer WhatsApp data to a pen drive for a conversation?
  • How can I restore deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup?

In these three scenarios, the manual technique is not relevant. So, after performing the free method, if you are still unable to access your data, it is possible that your data files will be permanently deleted or formatted. However, users can recover deleted files from OTG pen drive simply by using another approach. So, transfer to the next alternative method to restore deleted, formatted or corrupted WhatsApp from USB drive instantly.

Reliable Software to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chat from USB Drive

Here is an instant and best solution to resolve the issue, such as how to retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp without backup. This is a third-party application named Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software.

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With the help of this application, you can easily get your deleted data back without any obstruction. This falls under the world’s 5 best applications to retrieve hidden files from pen drive quickly. It is programmed with outstanding features that provide an effective recovery process. Mainly, this gives an understandable user interface. So, a novice user can also avail of it without thinking twice.

Steps to Restore Deleted Messages without Backup

Here are some steps to restore deleted files from flash drive. Follow the following measures to get the expected result:.

Step 1: First, download and launch the tool. As you run the software, you can view the initial screen as follows:

Step 2: Now, choose one of the recovery options as per your needs and proceed forward to recover deleted WhatsApp chats from USB drive.

Step 3: Here, view all the recovered data items and search for the needed data files.

Note: This pen drive recovery tool provides a unique feature in that it highlights the deleted data in red color.

Step 4: Finally, click on the Save button and simply extract the recovered components from deleted, corrupted and formatted pen drive.

Notable Tip!: When you realize that you have lost some deleted messages without backup files from pen drive,. So, initially, you should have to stop adding any new data to that existing USB flash drive. Because any data may overwrite the permanently deleted data. And the data that is overwritten will be irreversible.

It’s Time to Conclude

The article intensifies on the best methods to recover deleted WhatsApp chat from USB drives. Users can retrieve deleted messages on WhatsApp without backup from pen drive using cmd. But this free solution does not facilitate an efficient outcome. So, it is recommended to go with an alternative method, i.e., pen drive recovery software. With the help of this recovery utility, you can easily get back deleted, formatted and corrupted data from a USB flash drive. Thus, it’s your time to make the right decision.