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Get the Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Written By Ashwani Tiwari
Mack John
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Published On January 5th, 2022
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Microsoft Windows has long been the trusted operating system for business and critical applications. Now, there’s no reason to keep these important Windows Servers in your office kiosk or under someone’s desk. Everyone on your team can securely access critical services using Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, firmly managed with Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

A selection of fast, secure, well-managed dedicated servers, fully equipped with complete software tools is essential to the growth of your business. Companies looking forward to more control and power while choosing a Windows dedicated server hosting provider. Your hosting provider builds and maintains servers at there own to reduces your company cost of purchasing a new server.

So, choose wisely your Windows Dedicated Hosting provider, you can go with our recommendation, just read the article.

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Best Dedicated Windows Server Hosting Provider

NetForChoice Tier 4 Data Center is a great choice for businesses of all sizes, it offers 99.995% uptime and competitive SLAs. NFC is the best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting provider that offers a control panel with robust security features.

Fully managed dedicated Windows server hosting with multiple features such as updates, maintenance, daily backup, disaster recovery plan, security patch, server optimization and the necessary server configurations to ensure uninterrupted server operation.

Three Way to Configure Windows Dedicated Hosting

The benefits of a dedicated server vary slightly depending on where your hosting device is, When setting up a dedicated server Your company has three options.

  • On-premises: With skilled IT staff and audio server rooms, you can set up an on-premises server. You have full control of your servers. But the high initial cost and network connectivity can be a problem.
  • Rent a Server: Instead of investing in on-premises equipment and space. You can rent a server from your provider. It controls the server configuration. But vendors deploy equipment and manage maintenance.
  • Colocation Hosting: Colocation allows businesses to set up private servers in third-party data centers. Business Investing in Dedicated Servers but rent a shelf cooling, energy, physical safety and connection.

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Advantages of NFC Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

So, get the explained benefits of Windows dedicated hosting services:

  1. High Performance and Security: How to maximize the uptime of your website or application this is done through a dedicated Windows hosting provider. Dedicated servers are more reliable and stable than shared hosting. This prevents you from sharing your space with other malware and spammers, possibly dedicated servers can be more secure. Therefore, businesses need to exchange via FTP or SSL, dedicated hosting servers also provide 24×7 support for failure and complaint handling.
  2. Flexibility: Windows Dedicated servers offer flexibility as you can customize them at any time based on your RAM, disk space, CPU and client software requirements. If you want a scalable server environment you can meet your needs with Windows dedicated servers.
  3. Not a Shared Server Resource: If you select a Windows dedicated server then all required resources will be provided. Dedicated servers don’t slow them down because other applications don’t share RAM, CPU space. For Windows dedicated hosting the server bandwidth is yours.
  4. Low-cost Maintenance: If your company needs Windows dedicated hosting and you don’t have the time and resources to manage the server. Dedicated hosting is a low-cost way to access server resources. Windows Dedicated server hosting helps maintain server equipment. This will reduce business costs.
  5. Full Control: One of the most popular advantages of dedicated hosting is you have full control over your server if your hosting provider can provide it. Consider which site management tools and applications you want to use.

Summing Up

Business owners are trying to find the best and cheapest Windows dedicated server hosting services, as it is easy to configure to meet registration requirements, server loading support, and good safety with the suggested provider.

So in the web hosting industry that is rapidly innovative. It’s very important to keep your online business up-to-date, so choose your hosting provider with the best data center equipment wisely.