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Know More to Convert AOL Mail to PST in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010


AOL is a desktop based email client application and it normally stores their emails in the storage proprietary files that are the Personal Cabinet File. The AOL file format (PFC) is not supported or cannot be opened by the Microsoft Outlook. To make the AOL file accessible in the MS Outlook we just need to convert AOL Mail to PST file. Here, in the below section it is discussing the AOL Backup Software which is a downloadable utility and it can be work as a converter which helps to convert AOL PFC to Outlook PST. This conversion can be made so that the file can be accessed from the Microsoft Outlook.

Why is AOL to PST Conversion Required?

If an Organization tries to switch from AOL to Outlook, the older file will be in its AOL file format and then if the employee needs to access their AOL files in Outlook they just need to convert their AOL emails to PST file. The conversion may be preferred due to the unique and super features given by the Outlook and it is of integrated with various inbuilt MS Office application other than AOL desktop. The platform to which the conversion is made will give us the most secure platform other than the desktop application.

Convert AOL Mail to PST – A Manual Solution

There is a manual method which will help to access the AOL emails in the MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010. If the users need only a few set of AOL emails to MS Outlook then, there is a simple manual method as shown in the below section:

Step#1: Send the desired emails from an active AOL account to the Microsoft account address.
Step#2: Now the AOL emails will be accessible with the Outlook email client application.

Remember: It is hard to do AOL PFC to PST if the users wished to transfer a bulk AOL file. Therefore, if that is the case then it is better to have good third-party tool. Which will help you to export AOL email/Mails to PST.

Automated Solution to Migrate AOL to PST

The above manual method is not feasible if the user has a large amount of AOL emails so this limitation will show you to have an effective professional tool here is the AOL Backup Tool. This utility will help the users to download the AOL file from the AOL Server and which is to be converted into Outlook PST file. The tool can also help the users to save their files in the external storage devices like pen-drive, hard drive etc. Also, this utility will help the users to convert the selective AOL Mails to PST by specifying the date range. The tool also provides an option to clear the space of the AOL Server after the downloading the Mails. The deletion can be done using the “Delete Email after Backup” option.

Final Words

The above article will help the users to convert AOL Mails to PST. If the users have to convert a few AOL mail then they can approach for the manual solution but if the user needs to do a large set of migration then they should choose the professional tool that is by the use of the AOL Backup tool.

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