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Convert PST to PDF with Attachments – A Complete User Guide

convert pst to pdf with attachments

With every passing day, there is a high demand to convert PST to PDF with attachments is rising. Moreover, experts of MS Outlook are addressing about such queries involving to convert Outlook emails to PDF format with attachments every now and then. Likewise, it is eminent that Outlook email application and Adobe software gives plug-ins for storing emails from MS Outlook to Adobe PDF. However, where the main concern is email attachments, huge problems come up that avoid the users from storing these attachments while batch migration from PST to pdf is done. In fact, the present era is of graphical and legal users, where attachments hold importance, as they are much essential for preserving several industrial projects etc. In the following segment, we will discuss the need and way to export multiple emails from Outlook to PDF.

Outlook PST to PDF Conversion – Why Users Need To Do It?

People have become immensely workaholics and have ongoing to grow the requirement of traveling with their work as well as data along with wherever they go. Carrying around email data develops a bit problematic, as you may not be able to gain the same email application everywhere.

Portable files (PDF) are highly measured for saving the data in a versatile yet secure manner also. The .pdf document formats are tremendously safe to save data as text, image, hyperlink, etc. as it provides two types of password protections- Owner password and User password. The User password totally safeguards file whereas owner password just places up types of restriction over the content of Adobe PDF file such as edit, copy, print, and extract restriction.

How to Convert PST to PDF with Attachments?

Two ways can be executed for migrating emails from MS Outlook to Adobe PDF format file. The first one recommends doing it manually, i.e. without using the software while the second suggests the usage of third party utility.

Method 1: Manual Method

  • Open MS Outlook email client on your machine.
  • Choose the desired email that is needed to be converted to PDF.
  • Choose File Label >> Save As >> choose the desired location to store the data.
  • Select “Save as Type” by simply clicking the drop-down menu.
  • Select HTML file format >> Save.
  • From the stored location, select the file and open it in MS Word.
  • From the file label, choose Save As option to store the data in PDF format.

Limitation: In case of a large number of data files, the method fails to perform the data conversion as it takes a lot of time to execute the migration process. Proper technical knowledge is required to execute the procedure. Moreover, the above method is quite lengthy and tricky.

Method 2: Trouble-Free Solution

Instead of going for a lengthy procedure, you could rather choose a third party utility. There is a software namely SysTools PST to PDF Converter. The application is completely secure to execute the migration process. The software moves the data to Acrobat Adobe with attachments in exact form. The tool is operable on all Windows and Adobe editions. No external application is required to execute the conversion procedure.

Start To Save Outlook Emails to Adobe PDF Uncomplicatedly

This technically structured application has been designed with a user-friendly front end interface to offer users with an effortless yet uncomplicated procedure to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments.

  • Conversion of PST files into PDF format is executable in any number i.e. you can transfer an unlimited number of email messages from PST format to PDF without experiencing any sort of hang up in the procedure.
  • Working with the software is effortless because of the simple conversion steps and user-friendly interface offered by the software in favor of novice end users.
  • You can convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments also regardless of the file format in which they are or the number of attachments there are.
  • PST files belonging to any version of Outlook email client can be converted without any sort of complications faced as the software supports all Outlook editions.
  • Even if the PST files are damaged by any possible reason or cause, you can convert them into PDF as the tool offers thorough scanning for damaged files to repair them before proceeding with the switchover.

Final Words

Now, you know how to convert PST to PDF with attachments without and by using the tool. Choose the method that suits your convenience and proceed accordingly. If there is any problem while executing the procedure then, feel free to contact us.

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