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How to Convert XLS to VCF Android? Best Techniques

Written By Mohit Jha
Mack John
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Published On December 30th, 2022
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We all heard about Microsoft Excel application and many of them are working on it. It is the best program through which users can manage contacts, balance sheet, calculations, data management and also convert XLS to VCF Android.

The XLS is a file extension used by Microsoft Excel 97-2003 worksheet. In new editions of MS Excel, the workbook is saved in XLSX file format.

However, many users have XLS file that consists some crucial contact in it. And, they want to import that .xls contacts to their Android phone. So, they can keep contacts all the time on their smartphone. For the same, the XLS to VCF conversion is required. Because vCard (or VCF) is a default contact format supported by Android.

Therefore, in this technical guide, we are going to cover how to convert Excel to vCard Android with the help of some easy-to-use methods. So, let’s begin!

Manual Solution to Convert XLS to VCF Android

A user can export the contacts that saved in XLS worksheet in Android supported vCard type with a manual technique. However, the direct conversion of Excel to VCF Android is not possible so it requires multiple steps. So, make sure that you have enough amount of time while using this technique.

Step 1: Save XLS in CSV Format

  • Launch Microsoft Excel application
  • Go to File >> Open
  • Now, select the .xls file from its location and open it
  • Once the file is opened, click on File >> Save As
  • From the Save As Window, click Save As drop-down button and select CSV (Comma delimited) option. Then, hit the Save button to export excel file to VCF in Android
  • As soon as you click on Save option, a message pops-up on the screen ‘The selected file type does not support workbooks that contain multiple sheets.’ Just click on OK button
  • Again, a new alert message flashes on the screen that says ‘xyz.xls may Once it is opened, click on Import from the menu to open Import to Windows Contacts window

Step 2: Convert CVS Contacts File to vCard 

  • Next, select CSV (Comma Separated Values) option from the list and Hit on Import button to convert Excel to vCard Android
  • A new CSV Import Window open, navigate to Browse and locate the .csv that created above. Then, click on Open >> Next
  • After that, map the fields using Change Mapping Window and click on Finish
  • Select all the contacts and Hit on Export
  • From Export Windows Contacts window, select vCard(folder of .vcf files) option and hit Export button.

Step 3: Upload vCard Contacts to Android

User can use USB cable and connect the phone with the system. Thereafter, transfer the vCard files into Android phone. Once the file gets imported, check your device whether the contacts are shown or not. For this, follow these steps sequentially.

  • Go to your Contacts and click on Menu
  • Select Import/Export Contacts option
  • After that, select Import from Storage if you save the VCF in internal storage and export the .xls contact in phone address book.

Restrictions With Manual Workaround

There are some couple of downsides that present in above-mentioned technique. And, all the limitations should be known to the users before using this workaround. Here, we list out all the demerits of manual method to export XLS file to VCF Android.

  1. The above procedure has numerous steps that consume long hours.
  2. At the time of .xls to .csv conversion, a message occurs that clearly states ‘xyz.xls may contain features that are not compatible with CSV. Do you want to keep the workbook in this format.’ It signifies some of the information gets removed from the workbook if it is not supported by .csv format.
  3. While exporting CSV as vCard, the mapping options are limited.

Expert Recommended Solution to Convert XLS to VCF Android

Excel to vCard Converter is an outstanding software that dedicated to convert Excel file into vCard format. It takes few minutes and export any number of contacts saved on Excel XLS file into Android supported file format. However, the resultant vCard file can be supported by various email clients and mobile devices.

For Windows

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For Mac OS

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The best part about the utility is numerous options provided for mapping. By this, no field can be removed during conversion. A user can get email address, first name, job title, company, contact, business address, business address city, home address city, home fax number and much more that are available in XLS into vCard format. Furthermore, the software widely supports all Windows Operating system.

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Complete Guide to Convert XLS to VCF Android

  • First you need to Run the Automatic Software on your machine. Then browse Excel file

Browse Excel files

  • A new window will now appear where you can open the XLS file

Select Open XLS

  • After adding the XLS file to Excel, all contacts and files are shown as a preview, to continue click the Next button

  • Now open the Map option where you want the Excel fields with attributes. Then select a contacts of the Excel file

Excel fields with attributes

  • Select another area of the vCard (.vcf) that matches and add accordingly. For example, you can connect any phone like this:
  1. First name ->> Name or full name
  2. Last Name ->> name
  3. Email address ->> email address

Click on next button

  • After that, click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process

click on convert button

  • After the conversion process is complete, the software will display a recommendation.

conversion process is complete

  • Finally, the software will create unique VCF files for each contact and save them in the selected location during the file transfer process.

software will create unique VCF files

Wrapping Up

The aim of this write-up is to provide complete information on how to convert XLS to VCF Android. If anyone has a .xls file and wants to convert them into vCard format, then go through this article once it will definitely resolve all your problems.