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Did Outlook Delete My Old Emails? What Can Be the Issue?

did Outlook delete my old emails

If you’re unable to get your Outlook emails & asking did Outlook delete my old emails then you are at the right place. We are going to explain everything about this topic in detail. So, first of all, to be very clear, Outlook does not delete your old or new emails automatically.

There are certain situations in which your data files get deleted. Due to the lack of technical knowledge users are unable to identify the reasons. Today we are going to explain the best way to get your emails back even if they are deleted permanently from Outlook.

Follow this latest guide to get answers to the most critical questions & be an expert at getting the deleted Outlook emails back in your system. So if your files are deleted & you want them back to save multiple attachments from Outlook emails, official purposes, etc, this is the perfect guide.

Why Does Outlook Delete My Old Emails? Here’s The Reason

The first question we are facing is the reason why our emails are deleted. However, we are not focusing on if our emails were deleted or not. Even if your emails are deleted then there can be a reason that most users aren’t aware of.

Have you ever got to know about the Microsoft Outlook Renten Policy? This is the most common reason why users’ email gets deleted automatically. However, this isn’t because of Outlook. It is because of your own changes made to the retention policy.

Sometimes, the system admin set the retention policy the way that it automatically deletes the data files after a pre-determined time period. All of your emails not fulling the requirements of the retention policy will get deleted automatically.

Did Outlook Delete My Old Emails or Is It Temporary?

We must understand if our emails are actually deleted or present in the trash or deleted items folder. When you deleted an email accidentally or on purpose, it doesn’t really get deleted forever from your system. It goes to the trash folder.

Users can get restore the emails from the trash folder to the original folder of that email. It permanently gets deleted once you deleted it from the trash folder or after a certain amount of time automatically.

In the Mircosoft Outlook, your emails from the trash folder get deleted automatically after 30 days. So, make sure you get the email in the trash folder. If it is deleted from the trash folder too, the next section will teach you the right method to get those emails back.

Solving User Query “Why Does Outlook Delete My Old Emails” Automatically

So it’s time for us to learn the best method to get back all of the deleted emails in our system. The best method is to use the Mircosoft Outlook PST Recovery Tool

Install & use the advanced tool to download all Outlook attachments by following this simple step-by-step tutorial with respective images.

Step-1. Launch the Utility & Click on the Add File button to add the relevant PST files.

step-1 did Outlook delete my old emails

Step-2. Now, Select the Quick Scan or Advanced Scan option based on the intensity of the operation.


Step-3. You’ll get to see the deleted files in Red color. Select the Files that you want back.


Step-4. Set Destination Path & Select PST as the resultant file format.


Step-5. Apply the Date Filter, Category Filter & Split PST File feature as per your convenience.


Step-6. Hit the Export button to start the recovery process of Outlook deleted emails.


Did Outlook delete my old emails is a very common user query. Now we know that it’s because of settings configuration issues & you can also get back the deleted files using the above-mentioned steps.

Additional Tip

If you are facing this issue but instead of the Windows environment, you are working on the Mac ecosystem, then don’t worry. The automated method is also available for Mac OS. It offers all the same features & works just like the above-mentioned tool.

Unseen Advantages of the Automated Method to Get Deleted Emails Back

The automated method has several advantages that no other method can compete with. These advantages make this modern utility what it is today. It provides users with capabilities that prove that modern utility is so far the best in the market.

  • This advanced tool is capable of recovering permanently deleted Outlook emails.
  • It allows users for bulk recovery of Outlook data files in one go that other solutions couldn’t offer.
  • Highlight deleted & corrupted files in Red color for easy identification by users for recovery & repair.
  • Automated software recovers password-protected data files without any hassle or errors.
  • Users will forget the “did Outlook delete my old emails” query once they will get to know that it also offers a naming convection feature.
  • If your files are encrypted with OpenPGP or SMIME encryption, this utility can decrypt & recover them.
  • It also maintains the folder hierarchy in the destination folder path to keep things in their right place.
  • The split PST option enables users to divide the data files after a particular amount of size as per their preference.
  • Date & Category filters are also present in this tool for being more efficient & faster than others.

The Final Say

Now you know the possible scenarios that must have resulted in the deletion of your files. Also, you can execute the method mentioned above to get your deleted files back. Hopefully, now users won’t have to ask others “did Outlook delete my old emails”.

Change your settings of the retention policy & prevent emails from getting deleted. Even if your emails get deleted somehow, the automated solution is an expert’s recommendation to get back all of the deleted data files.

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