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Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV – Get a Free Method


Seeking a way to export Lotus Notes Database to CSV, then you reached on the right page. Here we are going to discuss the best possible method to complete this task and why users seeking for this conversion

Well, Lotus Notes that is known as one of the most secure emails clients that provides a large range of security and emails encryption features and more. But when it’s time for sharing the database items such as emails, contacts, and other stuff, then users realize that Lotus Notes does not provide any solutions to resolve this issue.

Hence, there are many users seeking for a solution to export Lotus Notes database to CSV because the CSV file format is one of the most used file formats across the globe. Basically, the CSV file or Comma Separated Values is a simple ASCII file that is supported by most of the devices.

Also, this file format stores any kind of data in its tabular format. So that, many users preferred this file format. But along with this reason, there are also many reasons that force users to this conversion.

Why Users Wants to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV

As we said above the CSV file format stores its data in its comma-separated fields so that the data fetching from CSV file format is very easy. But along with this, there are more reasons are mentioned below:

The best part about the CSV file format is that one can easily open a CSV file on any device like a computer, tablet, laptop, and mobile device.

CSV files consume less space so that sharing is much easier and fast.

The CSV file format provides a data backup option for the users.

Now, after knowing the complete reasons why users want to export Lotus Notes data items to CSV. let’s move towards the process complete the conversion process.

How to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV

If we talk about the procedure to convert Lotus Notes Data to CSV file format, then you can do it free without spending any penny. It means there is a free manual method available that helps you to convert Lotus Notes .nsf files to CSV. So, now without ado let see the steps to complete this task.

Most Important: Before preceding the process it is very important to make a backup of your data. Because if you did something wrong during the process, then you can easily recover your data from the backup.

Manual Steps to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV

1. First, open the Lotus Notes on your machine.

2. Once the emails client opens, then click on the File option.

3. After that click on the Export option to convert the file into CSV.

4. Now, an Export pop opens here to select the fine name and destination location to save the converted database.

5. After that choose the file type from Save As type dropdown menu.

6. Now from the Export dialogue box select the option as per your requirement and, then click on the OK button.

7. Once the task is done you can able to see your converted files at your destination location.

Limitation of the Manual Method

Well the above method is free and you do not have to spend any penny but this method has some limitations which are mentioned below:

  • The first limitation of this method is complications like a non-tech user can able to complete this task on their own.
  • Not able to transfer all database items from NSF files
  • There is a chance that you can lose data integrity during the conversion of the NSF database to CSV.
  • Not able to convert multiple data items in bulk using this process.

Now, the question arises in every user’s mind that if the manual process has limitations, then whats is the best solution for this conversion. Well, the answer to this question is given below:

Best Way to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV

We have seen that the above manual method have some limitation which makes this task a bit time consuming and lengthy for new users, So to make the task easy here in this section we are going to discuss an automated solution. SysTools NSF Converter is the tool that gives you the option to save Lotus Notes database into different file formats. Using this tool users not only save Lotus Notes data items into CSV but also in MSG, EML, HTML, PDF, TXT, and MBOX. Basically, these formats helps users to open NSF files in thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook and many others.

Save Multiple Attachments from Outlook Emails

Including this users can also use this tool to export Lotus Notes contacts or names.nsf files into various vCard versions (vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0). Now, after knowing the features and benefits of the tool let’s see the working steps of the tool.

Working Steps of the Tool

1. First, downlaod and install the software on your machine.

2. Once the installation is done open the tool.

3. Select the NSF File(s) radio button and click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder option.

4. After that choose the Export Format CSV.

5. Select the Data Items Categories like Mails, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks.

6. Choose the Advance Settings like HTML Formating, Internet Header, and others.

7. Choose the desired destination location to save the converted database.

8. At last click on the Export button to export Lotus Notes Database to CSV


Well, due to limitations or lack of knowledge many users are not able to complete this conversion. Hence, here in this write-up, we have discussed both manual as well as automated methods to export Lotus Notes database to CSV. Now, it is up to you to choose the right method at your convenience.

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