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Know How to Extract Images from Secured PDF Documents in Bulk

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Most of the times when we read PDF documents like journals, notes, books, etc. we may found some interesting images and wants to download it. But, sometimes file does not give us the respective permissions to perform the PDF image extraction. However, the main reason due to which users can’t get all images from PDF is because of security i.e. the file is restricting the user to perform the data extraction of either text or images. Therefore, to download or extract images from secured PDF firstly, it is needed to remove file protection and then use an application to extract pictures from PDF. Here, in this blog post we have described multiple solutions which help the user to extract .png, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, etc. images from PDF but, before that let’s learn how to remove security from the document first.

Reliable Solution to Remove PDF Protection for Image Extraction

As we know there are two types of protection which can be applied to PDF files i.e. password or restrictions. With password security we restrict someone to open a PDF without applying the proper password. On the other hand with restrictions we limit the file accessibility i.e. person can’t modify, copy, print, extract, sign the PDF. But, with SysTools PDF Document Unlocker Tool both types of security can be easily removed. The tool easily removes known user password from PDF document and allows them to save the document at any desired location. Also, once the tool unlock PDF restrictions users can perform multiple tasks on PDF. Now, after removing extract restriction, get all images from PDF documents.

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Solutions to Extract PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP Images from Secured PDF

Now, after using the above-mentioned tool follow any of the below methods for image extraction:

1- SysTools PDF Toolbox

2- Adobe Photoshop

3- Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Extract Pictures JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG from PDF By Using Professional Tool

To pull images out of PDF files follow these useful steps:

1- Launch and run the PDF Toolbox software

2- Select Extract Images option from the list

3- Click Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDF files

4- Select destination location and hit the Next button

5- Choose any image format for the extracted picture

6- Select pages from which image has to be extracted

7- Click Advanced Settings button to manage image size, width & height

8- View summary report containing all details & click the start button to begin the process

Make Use of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Extract Images from Secured PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allows users to get all images from PDF files. It is necessary to have the paid version of the tool otherwise with normal Adobe Reader users cannot perform the task:

1. Start Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and open PDF file

2. Choose Tools option and then click Export PDF button

3. Select Image and then the desired image format.

4. Choose the Export all images checkbox under the options.

5. Lastly, click the Export button and select the location to save the images

Use Adobe Photoshop to Get All Images from PDF

Adobe Photoshop provides the functionality to extract images from secured PDF document. However, images could be of any format i.e. .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif any type of image can be removed. It involves some simple steps as follows:

1- Firstly, open the PDF document with Adobe Photoshop

2- Then, the Import PDF dialog box appears

3- Click the Images option to extract images from PDF

4- Select the images which you want to extract

5- Choose Image Size & Page Option and click OK button

6- After that save the extracted images


How to extract pictures from PDF documents becomes the most common need among users because extracted images can be used in presentations, website creations or for any other purpose. Moreover, along with images sometimes users are also in need to extract data from PDF document. But, what if when the file is protected and users want to get all images from PDF files. Therefore, to answer this query, we have discussed the best solution which helps users to extract images from secured PDF files. With software provided by SysTools, PDF security can be easily removed and once the file gets unprotected images like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP can be easily extracted from it without any difficulty.