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How to Perform Gmail to Office 365 Migration – Step by Step Guide

Gmail to Office 365 Migration

Summary: A step by step Gmail to Office 365 migration guide for administrators. A complete manual guide as well as automated tool described in detail. The Gmail account is supposed to be a business Gmail account (G Suite).

With Microsoft introducing Office 365 application on a monthly rental basis, many organizations have decided to move to O365. Each Office suite application is available at low cost including Outlook 365 Mail. This has revolutionized the way people used to send and receive emails. Now, all communication is through cloud server which can be accessed through any browser on a tablet, mobile or PC machine.

This has enabled many users to transfer their email account from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365. Many organizations access emails through Google Mail server. This post describes all the steps needed to Gmail to Office 365 migration. We have even discussed manual as well as an automated solution for the same purpose. Let us now begin with the migration process. Repeat the steps mentioned in this post precisely to avoid data loss.

Things to Consider Before Switching from Gmail to Office 365

  • Keep administrative credentials for Microsoft Office 365 mailbox handy.
  • Download and Install Outlook 2016 / 2013 on the migration machine.
  • Configure Office 365 mailbox on Outlook for Windows machine.

Manual Steps to Import Gmail to Office 365 Easily

Let’s start with the steps to migrate emails G suite to Office 365 account:

Step 1: Preparation Phase

  • First, sign in to Paid Gmail account for configuring 2-step verification process.
  • Go to Google Apps >> My Account and select Sign-In and Security.
  • Under the Password & sign-in method, click on the arrow next to 2-step verification.
  • From the Signing in with 2-step verification page, select Start Setup.
  • Next, re-enter password if asked.
  • From Set up your phone section, validate a personal mobile number and select Verify.
  • From ‘Trust this computer’ step, select Next to perform Gmail migration for Office 365.
  • When asked about the 2-step verification, select Confirm.
  • Again, go back to Google Apps >> My Account >> Sign-In and Security.
  • Under the Password & sign-in method, click on the arrow next to App Passwords.
  • From the App passwords page, in the Select App drop-down box select Other (custom name).
  • Set a name for the password and click Generate.

Step 2: Pre-Migration Phase

  • First, open the Outlook 2013 or 2016 application.
  • Then, go to File >> Info >> Add Account to configure Google account in Outlook.
  • From the Auto Account Setup, enter the name, Gmail username, and password and click Next.
  • If this does not work, enter the App password instead and click Finish.

Step 3: How to Migrate Gmail Data into PST Format

  • First, open Microsoft Outlook.
  • Then, go to File >> Open and Export >> Import/Export.
  • From the Import and Export Wizard dialogue box, select Export to a File and click Next.
  • From the Export to a file section, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
  • Next, select the Gmail account and select Include Subfolders option.
  • Then, select Next to migrate emails from Gmail account to Office 365.
  • Next, Browse to a folder location where the PST file will be saved.
  • Set a name for the file and click OK.
  • Under Options header, select an appropriate method to deal with duplicates.
  • Finally, click on Finish button.
  • If asked to set a password to the new PST file, click Cancel.

Step 4: Post-Migration Phase for Gmail to Office 365 Migration

  • First, launch Outlook to move data from Gmail account to Office 365 mailbox.
  • Then, go to File >> Open and Export >> Import / Export.
  • From the Import and Export Wizard dialogue box, select Import from another program or file and click Next.
  • From Import to a File section, select Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next.
  • Next, Browse to a folder location where the PST file is saved and click OK.
  • Under Options, select an appropriate method of dealing with duplicates.
  • Then, click Next to migrate Gmail to Office 365.
  • Here, select the Office 365 account from Import items into other folder option.
  • Finally, click Finish button to complete the migration process.

Step 5: Verification Phase

Wait for a few hours and then, check whether Gmail emails are in Office 365 account.

  • Go to Outlook on the Web, to verify successful Gmail to O365 migration.

Limitations of Manual Process

To migrate Gmail to Office 365 with the manual solution, there are some limitations faced by a user, such as:

  • Time-Consuming: The manual process can take days depending on mailbox size.
  • Technical Expertise Required: Some technical assistance is required to perform steps without data loss.
  • Lengthy: It is a long and tiring process to export Gmail emails into PST and upload in Office 365.
  • Limited to Emails: This is an apt solution only for email migration. Contacts and calendar items need to be moved separately.

Use an Expert Solution for Gmail to Office 365 Migration

The manual solution cannot be performed by a user without any technical assistance. So, for these kinds of users, it is recommended to go for an automated solution to make this migration task easier and more direct. One such solution is the SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator. This utility allows an easy and trouble-free transfer of G Suite mailboxes to Office 365 account, without losing any data.


It is a proven solution that can even be used by a non-technical person easily. It is a user-friendly application with simple features that can migrate Gmail emails to Office 365 along with contacts and calendar items.

  • First download the cloud migration tool and launch it on Windows.
  • Choose Source as G Suite and Destination as Office 365 for migration.

start migration

  • Go to the Workload section and choose the category which you want to migrate from Gmail to Office 365.

select category

  • You can also choose the date-range filters and permissions.
  • In the Source tab, enter Business Gmail id, its app id, p12 file path and click on Validate

source validation

  • In the Destination tab, enter email id and app id for Office 365 account and click Vaidate.

destination validation

  • After validation, from the User tab, choose Source and Destination user mapping


  • Select the user and apply priority on each user, click on Validate button for authentication of user accounts.

user list

  • Finally, click on Start Migration button to dig in Gmail to Office 365 migration.

start migration

  • After migration, click on Download Report button to generate detailed and summary report.

download report


There are a lot of people and organizations looking for solutions to migrate data from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365. This article is targeted on the complete Gmail to Office 365 migration guide. There is also a third party solution discussed that is both efficient as well as reliable.