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Know Best for How to Remove Draft Watermark from PDF Document File


Summary: Here we will discuss, how to remove draft watermark from PDF document. The procedure to extract text watermark from PDF file is described with images to support. You can learn the process and simply remove Draft or text watermarks from PDF and easily use the document ever after without content quality degradation.

Do you know a Draft is and what it means? A Draft is designated to a process that is in the midway which has to be completed. For say, a project status being documented each week needs to add a Draft watermark on it to display others that it is not completed yet. There may be modifications or an addition to the particular document. In the same way, PDF users can have a number of purposes on which they need to add Text Watermark in PDF. But when the requirement lasts, the next step is to extract the watermark from PDF altogether.

Here we will be performing the watermark removal process and understand the concept of how to remove Draft watermark from PDF document. Let us see what requirements are done for easy text watermark extraction. Also, with multiple Watermark deletion techniques, you can try and choose the best that helps you removing watermark easily.

How to Remove a Watermark from a Normal / Protected PDF File?

To eliminate watermark from a PDF document, you can have the following options. They will help you out and erase watermark from the PDFs.

1. PDF Watermark Remover

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Let us start understanding each concept for extracting watermark from PDF in deep.

Method 1# PDF Watermark Remover

The PDF Watermark Deleter offers an effort-free and user-friendly interface to remove text watermark from PDF. There are facilities like the application is supported to eliminate a watermark from protected PDF files. Apart from this, the watermark would be removed from multiple PDFs in a process. Along with the quality of data maintained, the application proves to be the best among the offline applications to easily extract text (Draft) watermark from PDF.

Do you know How to Delete a watermark from PDF using the application? Try the below process

Simple Steps to Erase Watermark in PDF Document

Step 1: Download and Run PDF Watermark Eraser

start PDF Text Watermark Remover

Step 2: Click on Open PDF option

click on Open PDF file

Step 3: Click on Add File option and select watermark PDF files

Add PDF files

Step 4: Browse location for saving PDF files and click on Next button

browse location to save PDF file

Step 5: Select the Generate option to remove watermark from selected PDFs

remove draft watermark from PDF document

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This simple process will extract all Draft watermark added on the selected PDFs. If any restriction is added on the PDF, the application provides a facility to enter the protection password and remover text watermark from PDF. Now we move on to the next method and know-how to remove Draft watermark from PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Method 2# Extract Text Watermark from PDF Document with Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a stand-alone and trust-worthy application while working with PDF files. Though there are many other applications offering facilities similar to Adobe, still it holds the crown. Due to this, Acrobat requires a license to get all functionalities for usage.

With the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on your system, perform the process described below and extract text watermark from PDF.

Steps to Remove Watermark from PDF Adobe Acrobat Pro

1. Launch Adobe Acrobat and open the PDF with Draft watermark.

2. Go to the Tools tab and select Edit PDF.

3. Click on Watermark option and then select the Remove option. Save the document.

4. Click Yes on the Pop-up and the Draft watermark is removed from PDF

click Yes to remove draft watermark

5. For watermark removal from multiple PDF documents, Go to menu options

6. Select Remove option and select the Add Files option.

7. Search and locate the PDF files to edit and click OK.

8. An Output Options window pops-up to rename PDF files (if needed).

With this process, you can have your PDFs extracted from the watermark. Also, if you have any protected PDF in the list, then you will be asked to enter the password for the PDF and then it will remove text watermark.

These were the best solution available offline to erase watermark from PDF. And now, I’m sure you know how to remove Draft watermark from PDF document. Before ending this, I have listed some common queries that list up for searches and returns without a proper solution attained. Your readings will be Thankful.


1# How Do I Remove Text Watermark from PDF Free?

Hi, I work in the Astrology department. I have to document the findings and make a draft watermark on it. I use MS word for doing the same and save as a PDF. When adding watermark, it seems an easy process, but when it comes to removing the text watermark from PDF, I feel like I’m done. Can I have any process that will ease my work and easily extract text watermark from multiple PDF files (a large number of PDF files)? Your Help will be always thoughtful!

2# How Do you Remove a Watermark from a Secured PDF?

Hello, I’m an Advocate. I work with the PDFs and stores the case details on them on a regular basis. The case that got completed is documented with a watermark Successful and the ongoing ones with a Draft watermark. This is done to notify the status of the current document. In some situations, there comes a lot of files of a case that has to be watermarked with the Successful. The addition of it is easy (I use PDF Watermark Adder), but its removal is an issue, in some stages. I hope some might help me and tell me a simple way to get out of this trouble.


In the above article, we have studied how to remove Draft watermark from PDF document. We have covered two simple solutions that easily work out and extract text watermarks from PDFs easily. If you are the one facing issue in eliminating watermark from PDF, go through the article and find the top simple trick to get relieved.

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