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Wondering on How to Import Excel Contact List to Yahoo Mail? Read This!


Do you want to import Excel contact list to Yahoo Mail, then here in this blog, we are going to tell you the easiest process to export Excel XLS and XLSX contacts to Yahoo mail. So, stay with this write-up if you are eager to know the quick way to do complete this task.

Well, we know that nowadays email technology is booming up and forced users to keep upgrading their email clients and services. And when we talk about Yahoo, then it is one the most known email service that offers many advanced emailing facilities and has a streamlined set of advanced features

On the other hand, contacts play a very important role to manage essential processes especially when it comes to managing business contacts. We also know that many users manage different accounts using different devices and for this, users must be able to manage contacts from these different platforms and devices.

How to Import Excel Contact List to Yahoo Mail Manually

Yahoo mail support CSV file format as a contact so if you are in searching for a free method, then here in this blog we are going to discuss the free manual method to export Excel XLS or XLSX contacts to Yahoo Mail. The method contains to steps in first we convert Excel contacts file to CSV and in the second step we import the converted file to Yahoo Mail.

#Step 1: Convert Excel Contacts XLS or XLSX File to CSV

  • First, open Microsoft Excel on your system and open the Excel sheet that wants to import to Yahoo Mail.
  • Now, click on File option and then click on “Save As” in order to save the XLS or XLSX file to CSV.
  • The Save As option will pop up in another window, click on the Save as type drop-down button.
  • Choose the CSV option form the list.
  • After that click on the Save button to XSLX or XLS file into CSV.

#Step 2: Import CSV file to Yahoo Mail

  • Open any web browser and open Yahoo Mail.
  • Now, login to your Yahoo Mail account by entering valid login credentials.
  • Click on the Contacts icon.
  • Now, click on the Action drop-down arrow to choose the Import option.
  • Go to the File Upload option and then click on the Import option.
  • Form Import from file window click on the Choose File to browse CSV file.
  • On the CSV file is uploaded to Yahoo Mail, then click on the Import button.
  • The process takes few seconds to import Excel contact list to Yahoo Mail, then you can access the Excel contacts in your Yahoo account

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

Undoubtedly, the above discussed manual method definitely works and Import Excel contacts to Yahoo Mail. But in the manual method, there is a chance of losing the data integrity of the contact field Also, if you don’t have MS Excel on your computer, then you are not able to complete the task.

Smart Way to Import Excel Contact List to Yahoo Mail

As we see above the manual method has some limitations. So in that situation, you can use the Excel Contacts Converter tool which gives you six different options to convert Excel contacts lists such as PST, PDF, CSV, vCard, TXT, and HTML Also the tool comes with a separate option to map Excel contacts fields.

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For Mac Users

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It supports all Excel XLS and XLSX files and capable to preserve data integrity along with folder structure. The too is compatible with versions of Windows including the latest Windows

Working Steps of the Tool

  • First, Download the tool and Install and launch the software.
  • Click on the Browse button to add the Excel Contacts file.
  • Once the file is added you will able to preview all your contacts in the preview window of the software.
  • Now, choose the CSV option from Export Option.
  • on under Apply Settings.
  • Choose the destination location to save the Excel contacts list to CSV.
  • At last click on the Export button to Import Excel contacts list to Yahoo Mail.
  • Once the task is completed you can easily import the resultant CSV to Yahoo Mail by using the Import option of Yahoo Mail


There are many users asking for a way to import Excel contact list to Yahoo Mail. So after considering the requirement here in this blog we have discussed the two methods to complete this task. In the first method, you can import CSV files to Yahoo Mail using MS Excel, and in the second method, you can import Excel Contacts files to Yahoo Mail. So now, it up to you to choose the technique as per your requirement.

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