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Import Excel File into Outlook Contact Group – Complete Solution

Import Excel File into Outlook Contact Group

Looking for a simple method to import Excel file into Outlook contact group, then you came to the right place. As we know that contacts plays a very crucial role in our life and take years to build for both personally or professionally. Therefore, multiple users were searching for a method to move the excel spreadsheet to Outlook. We also know that it is not a simple and easy task to execute and users face many problems while resolving this query. Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss the automated solution tested by the experts to move MS Excel contacts to Outlook without any trouble.

Method to Move Excel Contacts to Outlook

The all in one solution that is capable to import excel file into Outlook contact group without any hindrance the tool is designed in such a way that even non-technical guys can execute such tasks. The software Excel to Outlook converter tool directly import the excel spreadsheet file to the Outlook account in bulk. The tool additionally provides many attractive features that enhance user performance. The tool is capable to reduce the corruption issues by excluding duplicate contacts. To know the working and features of this third-party application read the up-coming section.

Convert XLS to Outlook Contacts

The tool is authorized you to convert XLS, XLSL, XLSX, XML spreadsheet file with all the contact details like first name, last name, email address, phone, number, etc without any hindrance.

Map and Export Attributes

While exporting contacts the tool mapped the necessary fields. With the help of this feature, you can save the finest details of contacts in a proper manner like; first name, email, last name, etc.

Preview Excel Contacts

The Excel to Outlook converter tool previews the excel file before importing them into the Outlook account. You can easily go through the excel file once its load into the software and check whether the imported data is correct or not.

Create Outlook Distribution List

The tool authorizes you to directly import the Excel XLS contacts to the Outlook distribution list this will save you time and effort. Users can also transfer Excel contacts directly to the list and also name the list accordingly.

Remove Duplicate Contacts 

The software is much capable to remove the duplicate contacts available in excel file to reduce the risk of confusion. The magnificent feature of the tool saves your time and storage of the Outlook account.

These are the features of this automated tool that makes it different from others. To know the working of the all in one solution to import excel file into Outlook contact group please read the upcoming section.

Import Excel Spreadsheet to Outlook

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  • Add the Excel file to the software
add file
  • Preview the spreadsheet before conversion
  • Map the following attributes accordingly
Map Attributes
  • Now, hit the convert button to begin the process
Convert process

Once the process is completed the tool automatically imports the Excel contacts to the Outlook account without any hindrance. This tool is practically tested by our experts and free from all types of viruses and malware.

Final Words

Multiple people were searching for a method to import excel file into Outlook Contact Group but they didn’t find any reliable result. Therefore in this write-up, we have discussed only the most simple and fastest way to execute this task. The tool we introduced above is a standalone application that doesn’t need any supportive tool. User-friendly interface with many advances features to enhance the productivity of user work. 

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