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Smart PDF Password Protection Removal Tool of 2020

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PDF documents are the most important means of communication for almost every big or small organization. They are used for transmitting extensive information from one end to another. However, these files are often misused by many so people add security to it through passwords or restrictions. But, the problem is that with the increase in its usage many other people also who are finding difficulty while working with protected PDF files. Hence, they search for a smart PDF password protection removal tool that can remove security from it.

But, there is another challenge that is faced by many users is that. With a slew of multiple PDF tools that are available today, it is very difficult for the people to pick the right application that’s both highly advanced & feature-rich.

So if you are also an individual who is searching for the best PDF file password protection removal tool then this blog is for you. Because here we have presented the smart application named as PDF Unlocker by SysTools to fix the problem in just a few clicks. Let’s get started.

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Quick Glance About the Tool

This software presented by SysTools is an immense program to remove password security from PDF documents. With the business and enterprise license of the software users can unsecure multiple PDF documents. Along with password security removal, this utility also eliminates PDF file restrictions. It includes copy, print, edit, comment, sign, form filling, etc.

Overall, this software stood as the most reliable PDF Password Protection Removal Tool that works well all versions of Windows OS. Also, its graphical user interface is very simple and can be easily operated by a normal user, without any technical support.

Now, after knowing about this application let us go through some cases that highlight various needs for such an application.

Cases When People Need PDF Password Protection Removal Tool?

There are not only one or two but, in many cases, when people search for a tool to remove pdf password protection. Some of them we have covered below:

“I usually get billing notices in a PDF file format i.e. password protected. Although, I know the password but it is very time-consuming for me to enter the passcode again and again. I need to go through these billing files daily & it is a very tiresome task to enter the password repeatedly to view its contents. Please suggest me any tool that can help me in PDF file security password removal.”

“I tried to remove PDF password protection using Adobe Acrobat Pro. But, while doing the process it prompts to enter the permission password. I am completely unaware of such passwords. Can anyone help me to figure out this problem? I have attached the screenshot below. Please check!”

“I attempted to print a protected PDF document by using Google Chrome. But, whenever, I am trying to do I had found that the print button is disabled or greyed out. Even I am not able to copy data from that PDF document. Can someone suggest me a smart solution to fix this problem so that I can copy as well as print the PDF file.”

Single Solution for Multiple Problems

From the above section, we can notice that multiple users are facing different issues due to PDF security. Some people want to remove open password from their PDF files. While others want to remove permission password from PDF document to enable file permissions. So, considering all these cases we would like to suggest using the PDF Unlocker tool. This software is best for PDF file security password removal as well for the restriction removal process. To know the complete working of the software refer to the next section.

Working Steps for PDF Password Protection Removal

  • Launch and Run the software on the local system

open the tool

  • Hit the Browse button and choose the PDF file

browse pdf

  • View PDF Permissions status in before column

view permission

  • Choose destination location for resultant PDF file

destination location

  • Click Unlock button & begin PDF password protection removal

pdf file password protection removal

Note: If the file is password protected then enter the password otherwise, proceed.


  • Finally, all restrictions & passwords are removed from the file

pdf file password protection removal


As we know every coin has two faces, so in this way, PDF security is sometimes beneficial & sometimes it is not. In this blog, we tried to covered different cases due to which there arises a need to remove PDF password protection. However, due to security people find multiple issues like unable to open, print, copy, or edit the PDF document. Hence, for the resolution of such problems, we have covered a one-stop solution that comes in the top list of PDF Password Protection Removal tools. Users can free download the demo version of the tool & test its working.