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How to Remove Security Restrictions from PDF File? – Unlock It


Adobe Systems developed Adobe Acrobat program to view, edit, secure, print and manage files in PDFs (Portable Document Format). The PDF file format is almost accepted all over the world and is compatible with all OS & handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets. These files can store images (gif, png, jpg, bmp), text, forms, graphs, visuals, etc. Also, it can be shared with anyone to transfer data from one system to another. But, sometimes owner disallows the options like Edit/print/extract/sign, etc. Therefore, in such cases, it is needed to remove security restrictions from PDF files.

Unlock PDF Tool is the best-recommended solution to remove PDF document restrictions without any hassle.

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User Got Stuck, Need to Remove PDF Security Restrictions – Scenarios

Scenario 1: “One of our organization employees earlier created sales reports, and now he is not working with us. We want to edit that particular report, but we are unable to edit because the report is secured with an owner level restriction. Can anyone suggest me a solution which can easily remove security restrictions from PDF files.”

Scenario2: “Unable to remove password from secured e-aadhaar card which I have downloaded in PDF format. Can anyone suggest me a simple solution to remove security from secured PDF (adhaar card PDF).”

Scenario3: “I purchased an E-book in PDF Format. Now, whenever I click on the ‘Print’ button nothing happens. That print button is greyed out, I don’t understand why I am getting this message. Please help.”

In all the above scenarios the main query of the users is ‘how to remove security restrictions from PDF file?’. So that they can bypass all kinds of restrictions and enable Edit / Print / Copy / Extract Text options in PDF file.

Two Ways to Encrypt or Secure PDF File

With Owner Password: Owner level Password is applied to restrict others to Edit/Print/Extract/Copy PDFs. Other users can only read this kind of PDFs. No password is required to open and view PDFs. The only owner has full access to such PDF Files eg. Ebooks, Restricted Reports, Exam papers, PDF tutorials, etc.

With User Password: User password is applied to maintain the confidentiality of the PDFs. Only the user with the correct password can open and view such a document. Such kinds of documents can easily be printed/edited/copied after typing the correct PDF file Password. No legal method is there to open such PDFs if once the password is lost.

Simple Easy Trick To Remove PDF Password Restrictions

This manual trick (using Google Chrome) will help users to remove the known PDF file Password. Once, the password is applied, with this approach users can easily remove security restrictions from PDF documents:

Note: This method will not work if the owner level Password is also applied.

  • Drag and Drop Password Protected PDF file to Google Chrome
  • It will ask you to enter the PDF password to open the document.
  • Enter the correct password to open PDF on Chrome and click on the Submit button.
  • After opening PDF document, at the top right corner you can see a ‘Print icon’. Click on it.
  • Now in the next window click on the ‘Change’ button and select ‘Save as PDF’. And Click on the Save button to save unlocked PDF at desired Location.
  • A copy of the original PDF is saved that will not ask password to open

Limitations Using Manual Approach

Print Restricted Files Cannot Be Unlocked: This method will not work if the file has Print restrictions. 

Remove Single PDF Password: At a time user will able to remove a single PDF file Password. No batch operation can be performed.

Original Formatting: As it will create a duplicate copy of the original PDF after password removal. So, this method may affect the original formatting of secured PDF.

Time Consuming: Removing PDF Password one by one is a time taking process. Also, it takes more time to remove security password from PDF files.

Alternate Approach To Remove Security Restrictions From PDF

Unlock PDF Tool is one of the best commercial ware, which is mostly used to remove security from secured PDF documents. No matter the PDF file is secured with the Owner level password or User level Password, Software is advanced enough to remove all kinds of PDF file restrictions.

Have a look at its unbeatable features:

  • Takes few seconds to Unlock multiple PDFs in batch
  • Allows to remove security password from PDF files
  • Supports PDF files created by different version of Adobe Acrobat
  • Even Remove Security Restriction from 256-bit AES or 128-bit RC4 encrypted PDF
  • Enables Edit/Print/Copy/Page extraction permissions
  • Allows to remove document assembly and form filling restrictions
  • Easy Installation on Win 10 & below OS
  • GPU acceleration for quick removal of PDF security restrictions

Steps to Remove PDF Document Restrictions

Follow below steps and remove security restrictions from PDF files i.e. owner level & user level:

Step1: Install & Run the software on Windows OS

run tool

Step2: Select the restricted PDF documents by clicking on the ‘Add Files / Add Folder” button

add files

Step3: Click on the either Save or Print option to proceed further


Step4: Hit the Change button and select the destination location


Step5: Then Click on Unlock button to remove all kind of security restrictions from secured PDF


Step6: Now, the software has successfully removed security from secured PDF documents



In this article, we have discussed Adobe PDF Restrictions policies. Along with this, we have also covered the solution to remove security restrictions from pdf file. As we know PDF file restrictions prevent the document from authorized users. But, sometimes it is needed to remove pdf document restrictions. Therefore, in this blog, we have covered the best solution to carry out this process.

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