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How to Split Office 365 Domain to Another Tenant? Complete Guide

Written By Nimisha Ramesh
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Published On June 26th, 2023
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How to split Office 365 domain is one of the emerging questions among users. Enterprises or organizations want to move their mailboxes from one to another domain due to different reasons. We will discuss the process thoroughly in the upcoming part of the blog. However, before that let us go through a brief introduction of Office 365 and user queries to split domain exchange online.

Need to Split Exchange 365 Domain

Microsoft has introduced one of the most useful cloud-based platforms for the maintenance of data. Office 365 is a suite, which brings forth many facilities for its users like Excel, Microsoft Word, Yammer, etc. Its functionality is commendable when it comes to meeting the business requirements of any organization.

However, sometimes due to several reasons, they need to split Office 365 domain arises. Let us consider these queries related to split Office 365 tenants to understand the need in a clear way and then we will discuss a popular method to achieve this.
Query 1: 

I am a partner in a company, where we have created the primary domain and then the second one. Now, we want to separate the first company off and on its same account. Nevertheless, I am unable to find any method. Please suggest to me any trick to split Office 365 tenants easily.”

Query 2: 
“We have four domains in one tenant only and now the organization is splitting up. Therefore, we want to Split Office 365 Domain to separate the arrangements of billing. In order to do this, I want to know the best strategy to perform Office 365 split Domain without creating any difficulties for users.”

If you want to perform this task quickly then download the below tool and follow the steps carefully.

5 Quick Steps for Microsoft Office 365 Domain Split in a Safe Way

  • Step 1. Download & Run the Software.
  • Step 2. Select Office 365 as Source & Destination Platform.
  • Step 3. Login with O365 Admin Credentials & click Validate.
  • Step 4. Create Group mapping for Bulk User Migration.
  • Step 5. Validate & Hit Start Button.

There is a manual procedure for this; however, it is very tricky and complex. Users have to execute a huge set of commands. Each step should be performed carefully to get accurate results. Due to this, it is suggested to opt for the professional utility of Office 365 split domain Exchange Online.

Recommended Solution to Split Office 365 Tenants Safely

There are various tools available in the online market making it tough for users to choose one of them in order to Split Office 365 Domain. The most Used and Reliable Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool, makes this choice easy because of its amazing features. The software has been designed to move emails, tasks, calendars, contacts,  tasks, and documents from O365 accounts.

It permits users to transfer mailboxes to various MS Office 365 accounts. Apart from this, it provides the option for importing CSV for adding Microsoft Office 365 source and destination mailbox information.

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Detailed Working Guide with Screen Shots to Split Microsoft Office 365 Domain

Step 1. Download, Install, and run the above software on your local computer.

Step 2. As you can see there are various options to select the platforms. We have to select Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platform.

Step 3. Now from the workload selection option, choose the required mailbox categories such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and documents. Apply the date filter, if you want to migrate data based on a date range. Also, enable two options i.e. “Allow Group Mapping” & “Migrate Document Permissions”.

Step 4. Use your Office 365 admin account credentials, of the source and the destination, to sign in to the portal. And validate the credentials by clicking the validate button.

Step 5. As we are splitting the domains, we have to create group mapping for data transfer within bulk users. We can use any of these three options offered by the software such as Import Users, Fetch Users, and Download Template.

Step 6. Create mapping using any of them accordingly! Then validate the required permissions and click next.

Step 7. Lastly, hit the start migration button to split Office 365 domain and transfer data to the respective account easily.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of Microsoft Office 365 cannot be questioned at all. It is used in big as well as small enterprises to enhance the productivity of the business. Therefore, at times the need to split Office 365 domain occurs.

In addition, performing steps to split domain exchange online manually is tough; this is where the above-mentioned tool helps. With this, it becomes so easy and quick for Office 365 365 split domains & move mailboxes between Office 365 tenants.