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Error “Unable To Initialize The Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service”: Resolved

unable to initialize the microsoft exchange information store service

Dealing with errors of Microsoft Exchange Server is primary task every database administrator is blamable. Out of which, one such critical error is unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. – error 0x96f. It is showed when the users fail to reset Information Store even after MS Exchange Server Service has been resumed numerous times.

The error message comes up when Microsoft Exchange fails to reset the Information Store as the clock on Server PC and the user’s system is not synced properly. Due to this, change in time is recorded on either the Server or the client system. In the following write up, we will discuss the way to remove an error message to work in a smooth manner.

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Methods To Fix Unable To Initialize The Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service 2003

Some steps are discussed below that can be implemented to solve the present error.

  • Restart the Exchange Server
  • Check the domain is configured properly.
  • Authenticate the domain is presently online
  • Restart Service of MS Exchange Active Directory Topology
  • Launch cmd and execute Exchange Server as Administrator
  • Implement command Net time \\ADServerName /Set
  • Restart your Exchange Active Directory Topology Service

Note: It is important to restart Exchange Active Directory Topology Service to remove unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. – error 0x96f.

This error with an event ID 5000 places the whole database at risk as EDB files containing priv1.edb and pub1.edb can turn isolated if an error is not fixed immediately. To resolve this error in an appropriate manner, it is vital to understand the exact causes.

What Causes The Exchange Error 0x96f.

When MS Exchange Service is started, the default receiver policy is examined in Exchange 2010 or 2007. There could be a numerous of reasons blameable behind the error message occurrence, i.e. unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. However, the most common situations are

  • Removing default policy from tab of ‘Email Address Policies
  • Changing default policy by policy of custom email address

Procedure To Remove Default Policy

The method to replace Default Policy is discussed below, and it is suggested to put the given steps with the most consideration otherwise inconsistency problem may be faced.

  • Click on start and enter run in the searching field.
  • Type adsiedit.msc in the run dialog box >> click OK.
  • Choose well-known naming context window then, go to configuration option click OK.
  • Expand the mentioned options to continue:
    • Configuration(the_Domain_Controller_Name. the_Name_Of_The_Domain.com)
    • CN=Configuration, DC= domain ,DC=com
    • CN=Services
    • CN=Microsoft Exchange
    • CN= Organization
    • CN=Recipient Policies
  • Now, click on the Email Address Policy and choose Properties from given options.
  • Click on an option of Attribute and search purported Search. Make sure the value allocated is (mailNickname=*). If value consistent to purported Search column is not (mailNickname=*), it essentials to be modified manually by following given steps:
    • Go to the value of purported Search  >> click Edit >> click Clear.
    • In Value field, enter (mailNickname=*) >> click OK to save changes.
  • Once you have finished modifying value consistent to purported Search column then, click on Attribute >> click on msExchPolicyOrder >> Edit
  • Go to Clear, give the value 2147483647 in Value field >> click OK
  • Then, exit Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI)
  • Now, start the Exchange Server again for modifications update.

When both the processes to remove and replace Default policy by custom email ID policy fails to remove Exchange Error 0x96f. Then, there is no additional option left to get the database to a consistent mode. As a result, you may face data loss or corruption issue.

Summing Up

Errors create a hurdle in the working procedure. Therefore, it is important to remove them in a manner to maintain the working flow. One such error is unable to initialize the Microsoft Exchange information store service. – error 0x96f. We have discussed a solution that makes easy to remove an error and maintain the working flow.

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