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Dual Ways to Delete & Remove Duplicate Recipients in Outlook

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How to Remove Duplicate Recipients From To/Cc/Bcc Field in Outlook

Nowadays, most professional users are unable to perform their daily work routine due to the amount of workload. However, Whenever these professionals need to deal with some extra and unnecessary tasks, it becomes a bit complicated for them.

In fact, this unneeded task is either importing old data or fetching duplicate recipients from MS Outlook account. To Remove Duplicate Recipients in Outlook manually whether it is emails, contacts, or calendar entries not only create confusion but also occupy non-essential space in the Outlook PST file.

Whenever a user enters To/Cc/Bcc field while sending an email then, duplicate recipients can be seen often. Hence, nothing important can be performed, apart from removing the duplicates. You can either move on with the daily tasks or attempt to Delete Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook. In the following section, we will discuss several ways to remove duplicate recipients from the To/Cc/Bcc field in the Outlook suite.

Suggestion: If you want to remove duplicate email messages in PST files so, you can go for a reliable solution.

Dual Ways to Delete Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook

As we are aware, there are two ways to delete duplicate contacts in Email Addresses as mentioned below such as:

  • Duplicity in New Contact
    In the contacts folder, the new contact will be created. For example, if a user creates contact with Joe name and even there is an existing contact with the same name in a particular Contacts folder. Thus, to make it easy for users to remove duplicate recipients, one can modify the name, which has already existed.
    Suggestion: The best choice is to view enough information that helps to distinguish contacts from the duplicate names by showing the contacts as Business Cards.
  • Easily Update New Information
    Outlook contains the data in the duplicate as well as existing contacts. Copy the relevant data from the duplicate contact into desired fields, which are here in the existing contact and have conflicting data to remove duplicate recipients.
    When Outlook email updates the data in contact, a copied original contact is saved in Deleted folder items. This copy might be utilized if users need to recover its original information.

Remove Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook Manually

There are certain situations, where a user has imported contacts into Outlook by utilizing similar names or email addresses, which are already there in Outlook contacts folder. The user must have selected an option to allow duplicates to be created, present within the Import and Export Wizard. This is the reason users have unwanted duplicates of all contacts, which are imported. To remove duplicate recipients or Delete Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook there are some steps discussed below for different Outlook editions.

For Outlook 2007 Users

  • Open Outlook account in users Desktop and go to contacts option. Select contacts folder, which consists the duplicate contacts.
  • Under the navigation pane, select current view >> click phone list. Now, sorting the list with modified date.
  • Open view from the menu bar and select current view. Click customize current view.
  • Choose fields >> modified >>click Okay option.
  • Select the desired contacts, after selection, click on delete option to remove duplicate recipients.

For Outlook 2010 Users

  • Open contacts option and select duplicate contacts.
  • Open current view group from view tab >> change view >> click phone.
  • Click on view settings >> columns >> choose available columns from list >> frequently used fields.
  • From the available field list >> Modified >> click add.
  • Choose move up option until modified is showed in order list >> click Ok.
  • From the contacts list, select duplicate contact and press delete to Delete Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook

For Outlook 2013, 2016 & 2019 Users

  • Open Outlook in your machine.
  • Choose┬áPeople option.
  • Click on the bottom right corner of the view box >> click phone. This is the way to scan the contact list and check duplicate contacts.
  • Choose the duplicate items to be deleted.
  • Once the contacts are selected and press deletes to remove duplicate recipients.

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Limitation to Remove Duplicate Email Addresses Online

The above-mentioned solution has some limitations to remove or delete duplicate recipients from To/Cc/Bcc field in Outlook mailbox, as performing manual steps we understand it is a time consuming as well as a lengthy method to Delete Duplicate Email Addresses in Outlook. Moreover, while selection time there is also a risk of deleting the other contacts.

Alternative Solution To Remove Duplicate Recipients

To overcome the limitations of the manual method while attempting to remove duplicate recipients, there is a third-party software namely Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. It will become easy for users to remove the contacts duplicates from the Outlook profile within few moments. The application does not have any restriction on file size. The software gives an advance option to delete duplicate email addresses in Outlook across or within the folder.

Follow the listed below step to remove recipients in Outlook

1: First download and install the software.


2: Once the installation is completed click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder.


3: Choose the Within the Folder option.


4: Click on the Change button to select the destination path.


5: Select the Contacts checkbox from Select Item Types.


6: Now, choose the contact fields from Specify Duplicate Criteria.


7: Once all the settings are done click on the Next Button to start the process and after completing the task click on the OK button.



While accessing the mails, Email address always plays an important role for Outlook users. Sometimes a user might experience an issue while sending an email just due to having many contacts in the contacts list. Apart from this, the main query of the users arises how to remove duplicate recipients from the To/Cc/Bcc field in Outlook. Also, we have discussed dual ways to resolve such problems to remove the contacts duplicates in Outlook.

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