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Fix MS Exchange Server is in Inconsistent State Error


Exchange Server: Technical Trivia

Exchange Server is one of the primarily and large scaled used application among medium and large scaled organizations. The server has made possible for companies to carry inbound as well as outbound communication from respective tenants. Exchange Server provides the users with many specialized services to carry the operations convenient for end users as well as the administrators. The Admin is highly profited by server due to the ability to simplify the administrator activities i.e., archiving of mailboxes, sending messages, message delivering reporting, and many more. While performing the work on Exchange Server, many times an error comes in our way i.e., Exchange Server is in inconsistent state. We all are aware of the fact that Exchange Server Version 2013 is widely used and this makes it more prone to the errors.

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Reasons that Sets Exchange Server is in Inconsistent State

Exchange Server has been repeatedly encountering a bug from the previous releases : Exchange Server is in an Inconsistent State and it is not possible to resolve using latest patches and hotfix that releases in the updated service packs. It makes all the admin present in an organization aware of the fact that they any error can occur from anywhere and it can be grounded in any state. The entire write-up provides the users with solution to solve the problem in an easier way.

How the Exchange Server is in Inconsistent State Error Begins?

While installing the MS Exchange Server 2007, 2010 2013, 2016, the probability of lack of system requirement fulfillment or other reasons may lead to failure of the process & error : Exchange Server is in an Inconsistent State . The installation of this process while encountering failure makes server jammed in Inconsistent state and thus preventing it from initiating. In such circumstances, the users need to install Exchange Server again using the recovery mode.

General Minutiae
The Exchange Server 2007, 2010 2013, 2016 present in the globe works as a distributed system. This setup of architecture offers server to get a marvelous level of resiliency. Moreover, majorly the Exchange Configuration is kept aside from the Active Server Directory. The distributed setup makes sure the rebuilding of damaged server completes automatically & helps to resolve error: Exchange Server is in Inconsistent State.

Requirements of the system while performing the task

Disable User Account Control present on Exchange Server
Open PowerShell and Find the storage location of Setup File
After you have reached to a particular location, run the following command:


Recoverserver switch enables the users building Exchange Server again by parameters stored in the Active Directory

Tip: Account that is used to perform Recovery must be associated with following groups:
1. Domain Admin Group
2. Enterprise Admin Group
3. Exchange Organization Management Group

The problem can even be resolved using an Automated Solution. As, mentioned overleaf the best possible way Expert Tool as suggested by author. It has few magnificent features, that makes it different among other are written below:

  • Recover the Mailboxes in Live Exchange Server, Exchange Online, Outlook
  • Renders users with option to restore deleted mails from EDB Mailboxes of Exchange
  • Restores Private (priv.edb), Public Folders (pub.edb) & STM files of Exchange
  • Find users of sub-domain facility provided to the users
  • Retrieve both Dismounted/Offline Exchange Database files/folders from Mailboxes
  • Offers Export Category Option for Mail, Contacts, Tasks, journals, Calendars, Note
  • Provides date, time base filtration to recover Mails of 2016/2013/2010 editions
  • Gives Naming Convention option to store Exchange mails in HTML/PDF/MSG/EML
  • Maintains on-disk folder/file structure during restoring the Exchange EDB Mailboxes
  • Operable on Exchange Server Editions & gives save/load Scanned EDB files option

In Summation

As discussed above the resolutions as well as workarounds are best suited to solve the problems when it comes to Exchange Server. The error Exchange Server is in inconsistent state can be solved using the technique mentioned above. For solving the problem, make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled or not. If not possible to resolve the process, use Automated Solution. It is the best possible way to resolve the problem.

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