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How to Recover Corrupted Video Files from Pen Drive? Without Any Trouble

Written By Aswin Vijayan
Mack John
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Published On December 7th, 2023
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Corruption on the pen drive is not a new problem. Most of the users have experienced this problem once in their entire lives. But the prime query comes to mind, i.e., how to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. So, we considered this issue and came up with this comprehensive blog. Today! We are going to show a few of the best tricks to restore damaged video data from a flash drive. You just go thoroughly to the entire site to learn more. Let’s get started:

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Expert Solution to Recover Video Files from Pen Drive

In order to recover lost files from the pen drive,. There is the best solution available on the web that can do so completely. But here we come up with this ultimate utility named Pen Drive Recovery Tool. By using this recovery software, users can simply restore their corrupted video files from their pen drives. This tool supports multiple languages. It recovers all types of files formatted like JPEG, PNG, PST, OST, etc. The foremost thing about this utility is that savvy and non-savvy users can use it.

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Mainly, this application is designed to retrieve deleted video files from a pen drive without losing any data. Furthermore, it does not address any compatibility issues. You can recover deleted JPEG files from pen drive. It is compatible with all advanced and below versions of Windows OS. Thus, users can check out this utility by visiting our official page:

Steps to Recover Corrupted Video Files from Pen Drive

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to perform this recovery tool.

Step 1: Download and launch the utility on your Windows OS.

Download and launch the utility

Step 2: Now, this software will provide you with two options, i.e., a scan and a formatted scan. Here, users can choose the scan option to recover deleted files from USB.

scan and a formatted scan

Step 3: Then, you can preview your recovered pen drive data recovery tool panel

preview your files

Step 4: At last, click on the Save option to store recovered lost files from a corrupted flash drive at any desirable location.

recovered lost files from a corrupted USB

Special Tips!

Here are some tips that can help you overcome data loss issues:.

  1. Scan anti-virus software on a regular basis. It will help to remove hidden viruses that cause corruption issues on your pen drive.
  2. Always eject your pen drive using the safely remove option.
  3. Always take backup of your crucial data files


Most users like pen drives due to their portability and enhanced functionalities. Mainly, users can store thousands of files in it. But those data files stored on a pen drive are always prone to corruption. Once the files are corrupted, it becomes hard to recover them.

So, in this blog, we emphasize the best techniques to recover corrupted video files from pen drive. But no free solution can provide you with the expected outcome. Thus, it is recommended to select an alternative approach, i.e., pen drive recovery software to recover deleted files from Kingston USB. Ultimately, the choice is totally yours.


Q: Is it possible to recover corrupted or deleted video files on Windows?

To recover files from a pen drive,  Pen Drive Data Recovery helps you do it in four steps.

  1. Run the Pen Drive recovery program.
  2. Scan for any lost files.
  3. Recover all lost files from the pen drive.
  4. Save all recovered data on your system.

Q: What causes damage to a flash drive?

Flash drives can fail for a number of reasons. It’s hard to say what will happen to you. However, age, overvoltage, viruses and malware, improper shutdown and physical damage can damage the pen drive.